CBD Pain Relief Cream – Are There Any Side Effects?

People around the world have divided opinions about cannabis. However, it is a fact that some of the medicinal benefits of this plant have been proven and will continue to be tested in the future. Cannabidiol is a component that shows the full effectiveness of medical marijuana, but with one significant advantage – it is not psychoactive.

One of the broadest applications of cannabidiol is in pain management. Also, it’s an excellent solution for the full spectrum of skin problems. This substance is effective in treating various types of aches, from those resulting from injuries to pains caused by other ailments (cancer, inflammatory processes, arthritis, etc.).


Topicals, i.e., creams and lotions based on CBD, have proven to be the most effective method of treatment in these cases. Products like Relevium pain relief cream are generally safe to use since CBD is a natural ingredient, and no severe side effects of its use are noticed. Still, it’s better to be extra cautious with these products.

Possible Irritations

Your skin acts as a shield and protects you from various external influences. At the same time, it’s firm and resilient but gentle and delicate. That is why you should keep in mind what kind of products you use on it. That applies to cosmetics and preparations for the treatment of pain or some skin disorders.

CBD is not an allergen, and it rarely causes skin irritation or the appearance of pimples, rashes, or redness. What can be problematic are mostly other ingredients that are in CBD topicals, such as coconut oil or aloe. Still, there is a minimal chance that some people may have a cannabis allergy and specific reactions to CBD topicals.

Cannabis is a plant, and plants have pollen, which is known as one of the leading allergens. If you are not sure what your reaction will be, try a minimal amount of topical before application. If you notice symptoms like blisters, hives, irritation of the treated place, or some breathing issues, stop administration immediately and see your doctor.

Not Entering the Bloodstream

One function of the skin is to ‘select’ the substances that will pass through it. When applied topically, CBD is absorbed by the skin very quickly, and its beneficial effects begin to work when cannabidiol reaches the cannabinoid receptors directly below the epidermis.

More about the purpose of the endocannabinoid system read on the following page:


CBD topicals do not affect this ingredient enters the bloodstream. The only way it could happen is by ingestion, inhalation, or consumption of edibles. Even then, the blood cannabidiol detection period is only a few hours. If you are concerned, you should know that CBD is not psychoactive and is not on the list of illicit substances.

Potential Psychoactive Effect

As we said before, cannabidiol is not a psychogenic but a mood-altering substance. However, in CBD oils, there is always a certain percentage of THC. Their amount in topicals also varies, but reputable manufacturers always point it out on the packaging.

Prolonged use of CBD topicals is necessary for a certain amount of THC to get into the body. For a person who administers cannabidiol creams and lotions to experience side effects such as hallucinations and disorders of consciousness, it is necessary to apply large quantities directly to the skin. The reactions are individual because none of us have the same tolerance on psychoactive substances.

Excess Consumption of Polyunsaturated Acids

Essential fatty acids are components of CBD, which makes it highly effective in treatment. They are necessary for our body because they have anti-inflammatory properties, which is especially important in the treatment of various forms of arthritis and cancer. These acids are also beneficial to the skin look; on this link, find out about their use in beauty products.

Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are lipid forms that your body can’t produce by itself. You have to take it another way, through food or supplementation. And there are many of these beneficial acids in the cannabidiol products.

However, as with any medicine, you have to be moderate and follow the instructions on how to use CBD topicals. Above all, you should adhere to the prescribed amount. Your metabolism has a certain level to which it can utilize polyunsaturated fatty acids. Anything beyond that is a surplus that can make a problem.

The excess use of fatty acids makes your immune system stressed and less functional. And as soon as your immunity drops, your organism becomes prone to viral and bacterial infections. Too much of these acids taken via CBD topicals can worsen inflammatory processes or the growth of cancerous cells.

It is a recommendation to be careful with all preparations that you apply directly to the skin, especially if you’re using them for the first time. Cannabidiol is a substance that will be widely used in medicine; by then, it is necessary to determine the full safety of its use.