Beat Boredom & Obesity with this new Online Running App

Are you bored of all the games and apps on your phone? Have you lost excitement in playing all your favourite games? You need a new hobby. You can try exercising and getting into your dream body. Or how about you get fit while you have fun?

Try this new Online running app called Vingo. It is a virtual reality app that will take you online to exercise, all the while you explore the world. All you need is your treadmill and a screen placed before it. You are all set for the Vingo experience. Here’s what you can do with this amazing app.

Go on a Virtual World Tour

Vingo is filled with hundreds of virtual maps, all designed from famous locations from around the world. You can explore them all at the touch of a button, at the comfort of your home. Furthermore, these maps are filled with interesting facts, stories, and urban legends about the locations. You can learn them, read through them while you exercise. This is a sure way to keep your mind occupied while you run on your treadmill. It sure beats the boredom out of exercises doesn’t it? That’s why thousands of people log into the app every day.

Socialise With the World

You can make new friends while you run inside the app. Vingo has a voice chat feature which allows you to talk to people in real-time. no matter where you might be in the world, you can talk to people on the other side of the planet without any hassles. You can make new connections, grow your network, and expand as a team. In fact, you can use your Indoor running habit to form a brand-new identity in the virtual world.

Join Communities to Improve your Game

Inside Vingo, you can find hundreds of communities based on locations, exercise types, time zones, etc. You can find a lot of interesting activities taking place within them. There are races, weekly target competitions, and a lot more happening within these communities, and you can take part in them too. This is a sure way for you to work-out better and push your limits. Online running is only fun when a lot of people contribute to the game. Here is your chance to contribute to the cause.

Invite your Friends and Family and Get Fit Together

The Vingo app is right now in beta mode. It means the app is open for new registrations at zero charges. You can create your own account for Free and invite up to eight people to join in your account. Each of them can even create their own account and invite their circles to join you. You can use it as a running app or even as a bike exercise app with your training bike. Whether it is to beat your boredom or to build a healthy body, Vingo app gives the necessary urgent care for you. Either way you can all have fun while you exercise and get fit together.