A Simple Guide on A CBD Dosage Chart

CBD is a relatively new health product available in the stores today. As such, there isn’t much known about it in terms of the exact right amount to be used as standard dosage.

The required amount varies from person to person as dictated by factors such as the specific intended use, body weight, bioavailability, and period of use.

However, there are still ways through which one can regulate their intake to avoid drug misuse. The most popular one is the use of CBD dosage charts. You can also visit pethempcompany to find out much details.

What is it?

A dosage chart is just a model displaying information regarding the quantity to be consumed at a given instance. This information is arrived at after careful consideration of the factors mentioned above.

They can either be downloaded online or you can make it by yourself and customize it as you like. For the latter, you can use online dosage calculators to enable you to determine the correct amount for you based on your weight and the concentration of the product.

You can also consult your doctor to help you come up with the perfect chart for you. It is recommended that you start with a lower quantity and later on increase it gradually.

What are the factors to consider?

  • Your weight

The more the weight the larger the quantity required. Each serving is calculated based on the required volume per kilogram of your body weight. Thus the dosage can be displayed in units such as mg/kg.

  • Product Concentration

For a highly concentrated substance, you will require less amount than for a low concentrated one. This should be calculated per serving. For instance, if you are using teaspoons then you should know the exact concentration that is in one teaspoon of the product. You can determine this by dividing the net concentration by the number of total servings indicated.

  • Bioavailability

This refers to how fast the substance gets into the bloodstream. It is determined by the mode of delivery used. For example, when using vaping pens, it gets absorbed into the bloodstream quickly hence only a small quantity is required. When ingested in other forms like oils and capsules, it takes much longer to get in effect hence slightly larger volumes are required to make it effective.

  • Use case

If you are using it to treat an illness you will require much more than when using it to supplement your diet routine. As a supplement, you can decide to use it once every day for some time since you are only after the nutrients. For treatment, you should use it at least twice a day depending on how severe the illness is. See this link to read more on how you can start using CBD dosages https://dailycbd.com/en/cbd-dosage/.

What happens if you don’t adhere to the chart?

One of the wonderful properties of CBD is that it is easy to use and doesn’t have life-threatening side effects when misused. Although, prolonged misuse might cause health complications. When you overdose on CBD you are likely to experience lethargy.

This is because the various body mechanisms put in place to regulate the normal condition will be triggered thus treating it as a foreign substance. This goes away after some time. It can also cause laxity since the product contains THC in small amounts which is a psychoactive agent.

Research shows that using more than the required quantity for a long period of time can raise toxicity levels in the liver. This is because it inhibits the enzymes responsible for breaking down of used medicine components in the liver. This leads to the accumulation of these substances which is toxic. As such it can cause diseases of the liver.

Using less than the required amount is not effective and doesn’t produce the desired results. Click here to read more about CBD dosing.


It can be quite challenging sometimes to use CBD products since there is no specific dosage. A chart makes it easier as it displays the required quantity per serving. To reap all the benefits of CBD one has to use it properly. This also eliminates the risk of health complications brought about by drug misuse. Start small and then increase with time. Finally, it is advisable that you seek your doctor’s advice before committing to using the chart. Let them approve the correctness of the information.