11 Reasons to consider a career in nursing

There are plenty of personal reasons why people choose nursing as a career – whether it is experience in the hospital as a child or witnessing the care nurses having given to a relative. In fact, it is these personal experiences that lead a lot of people to choose nursing as a second career in later life.

Whatever age or phase of life you are in, if you are having doubts about your current career choices, or do not know what type of profession you would like to pursue, here is a bunch of reasons you will love a career in nursing.

Studying is easier than ever

While some people will choose to study medicine after school and progress to become doctors, there are plenty of ways to qualify to be a nurse at any age.

With the huge demand for nurses across the globe, some of the most reputable schools around are now offering students – near and far – the chance to study with them. Online ABSN programs have become more popular over the past few years and can be studied flexibly around other work, childcare or engagements.

Whether you study online or on-campus, you will be required to take part in clinical placements – giving you a better idea of the day-to-day work you will do when you find your first job.

There is plenty of specialisms to try

After you have qualified, there are plenty of ways to specialize if general nursing does not feel like enough. Once you have registered, you will be able work while specializing in midwifery, neonatal, pediatric or even more leadership-like roles like Executives and Practitioners.

An abundance of jobs

Unlike some degrees, employment rates for newly graduated nurses are incredibly high. In fact, the American Associations of Colleges of Nurses (AACN) reported 74% of BSN students had a job offered to them at the time of graduation.

This is becoming higher each year, too. As the baby boomer generation begin to retire, hospitals and clinics are becoming even shorter staffed than before. As such, the demand for new nurses is huge, so you can guarantee you will be highly sought after once you graduate.

And it does not stop there: Nurses have great job security. Whether you stay in the same town or find yourself in a new state – or even country – you will easily be able to find work wherever you go.

You can expect a great salary

Money is not often a reason to go into such a demanding job, but it is definitely worth a mention. According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, registered nurses can enjoy an annual salary of $75,000. All that hard work really does pay off…

The chance to help people

Of course, while money, flexibility and job security are all practical reasons to choose a career in nursing, the chance to really help others is a real driving force for most people. Nurses are a crucial part of a patient’s experience; they act as the middle-man between GPs and families, offering support and even a shoulder to cry on in times of vulnerability.

They also get the chance to make a huge difference in intense departments such as A&E, ICU or even the delivery room.

You will have a support system for life

No matter what you are going through during your working day, there are plenty of unions, community groups and other nursing staff to support you. You will always have a huge support system throughout your career and become close with other nurses working on the same shift patterns. Nurses need to support each other, as the job can be incredibly emotional and taxing.

Flexible shift patterns

Nursing is a great second career choice for parents who want to spend more time at home. Shift patterns can be scheduled and worked around other life engagements like picking up the kids from school or focusing more on family time.

It is not just the shifts that offer flexibility either. With so many specialisms available, nurses could see themselves helping within the community, at schools, in the army or even on emergency flights.

It is a well-respected career…

Nursing has consistently rated as one of the most respected professions, meaning it is a career you can certainly be proud of. Nurses practice ethical and honest work, giving them a great level of respect globally.

… with high job satisfaction

According to AMN Healthcare, 83% of nurses feel satisfied with their decision to choose a career in nursing, with a huge two thirds of people encouraging others to do the same. With a chance to help people every day, a great salary and high job security, it is no wonder people feel so fulfilled by their career. If you are looking for an honest and rewarding profession, nursing will definitely top the list.

Every day is different

The day-to-day life of a nurse is pretty extraordinary – and you will never be bored! You will start each shift with a new chance to make a difference, and work with people from all walks of life. Nursing is an incredibly exciting profession for those who can handle it; you will be up on your feet interacting and caring for patients, making a positive impact within your department.

With a never-ending stream of patients with their own set of circumstances, no two days on the job will ever be the same.

You can make a real difference

Something that sets nurses apart from other health professionals is their compassion and dedication to not just the patients, but to their families too. Nursing is so much more than making beds and dispensing medication. You will be wearing many different hats during a single day, from entertaining children, being a shoulder to cry on, and generally bringing positivity to people’s lives.

As a nurse, you will make a huge difference to someone’s life every time you walk into work – leaving you with a huge feeling of satisfaction at the end of the day.

The list of reasons to choose a career in nursing could go on forever. The work is hugely demanding, but incredibly rewarding. So, what are you waiting for?