Top 4 Fundraising Ideas for High School Kids

Fundraising events can have a great effect on student morale while teaching kids about fundamental life values. Depending on the type of fundraising, hosting an event involves teamwork, setting goals and being creative. Here are four great fundraising ideas for high school students.

Buy a Brick Campaign

Brick fundraising is an effective way to raise money for a range of causes. It involves asking participants to sponsor, or buy a brick, that will go towards a specific project. If you are building a new classroom or supporting a local build, then this is an effective fundraising idea for your students to get involved in. In addition, people who sponsor, or buy, a brick can have their names engraved on a brick. Besides personalizing bricks with individual names, brick fundraisers can also be used to commemorate a specific person.

Fundraising Raffle

Raffle fundraising is an easy and quick way to raise a substantial amount of money for a good cause. Raffles are a great option for high school kids as they are straightforward and simple to organize. To get the ball rolling, your students will need to create attractive posters to let people know about the fundraiser, they will also need to source prizes, set a target amount to raise and a date to draw the prize. The great thing about raffle prizes is that they can be anything from an experience, such as a meal at a local restaurant, to a physical prize. Your students can get the local community involved to generate different types of prizes.

Dress Down Day

Fundraising ideas involving dressing down, or up, are usually a big hit. They are a great way to involve the whole student body and they are one of the simplest fundraising events to host. This event is great for high school kids who haven’t hosted a fundraiser before. Kids can come to school in casual clothes in exchange for a small cash donation. Alternatively, this idea can be combined with a raffle if they bring in a small gift as a donation instead. You don’t need to restrict the theme to casual clothing either, you can choose from different themes. For example, kids can dress up as their favorite superhero or they can come to school dressed in a silly outfit.

Themed Party

A themed fundraiser party can raise spirits and boost student morale. They are fun for students to organize and tickets sold can be used for a good cause. Although this idea is more complex than a raffle, when done right it will give your students a sense of pride. To pull off a themed party, students will need to work together as a team while also delegating responsibilities within the group. They will need to advertise the party to entice other students, sell tickets, arrange a location for the party and decorate it. Not to mention, the party will need some form of entertainment. Themed parties can be paired with other fundraising ideas such as a raffle or an auction fundraiser.