Three Careers You Can Pursue with Your Masters of Science in Finance

Pursuing a career, whether it is your first career job or you’re just looking to change paths in life, is always going to take some research and a little soul-searching on your part. Ideally, you want to follow a path that not only provides you with job opportunities and a decent wage but also one that you feel satisfied and happy in. Appealing to your natural skills and interests can be a great way to choose that “perfect” path or at least act as the jumping off point.

If you’re the type that has an interest in finance, then a masters of science in finance could be an excellent route for you to take. The great news is that you don’t even have to move close to a university, give up your job, and spend your days in the classroom as you can opt for an online education instead. Suffolk University Online is a great example of a top-notch school offering the masters of science in finance degree through an online medium.

So, what exactly can you do with that masters once you complete the program? Here we’ll take a look at some of the careers you can pursue with your masters of science in finance.

Financial Analyst

The career of a financial analyst tends to be one of the most popular paths that graduates end up taking. With an average salary of just under $60,000, it can be a great field to get into. In this job, you will be advising your client or boss on how to best proceed where their investments are concerned. There is plenty of flexibility in terms of who you work for, ranging from big business to individuals, government agencies, and even non-profits.

Personal Financial Advisor

For those who enjoy working with people and feeling like they are making a difference in the lives of others, a personal financial advisor could be the way to go. It will be your job to provide financial advice and information to individuals and families, helping them to create a strong and healthy financial portfolio. This can include things like insurance, retirement savings, real estate investments, taxes, and more. The average salary for this particular job is $88,890, and the field is currently enjoying a faster than average rate of employment growth.


If you’re the type who enjoys a fast-paced more high-energy type of environment, then working as a stockbroker could be perfect. For this job, you’ll need to use your communication and negotiation skills just as often as your financial analysis skills. It’s up to you to advise clients on when to invest, when to sell, and help them make sense of the ever-changing stock market. For many, this job can be a bit too stressful, so you need to be able to handle that kind of environment.

Plenty of Paths to Choose From

This is just a small look at the many career paths that are open to people who have their masters of science in finance and keep in mind with this degree you’ve also got the option to forge your own way and take on the role of an entrepreneur.

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