Saving for the Year Ahead

Life can get incredibly expensive, especially when you consider the rising living costs and the number of bills you have to pay. When you have children, this expense can get even greater, which is why it can be vital for you to learn effective ways of managing your money to make it go further. This doesn’t just involve considering the day to day expenses that crop up in life, such as rent or utility bills. You might also want to factor in more costly time periods, such as a summer vacation or Christmas.


Gifts may be needed throughout the year, at Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, and even other special events that may crop up. While these items may not be needed for months to come, you may want to consider gift ideas for kids and adults to allow you to roughly estimate how much money you will need to save, and be able to budget and plan accordingly. While some items may need to be bought closer to the occasion due to either availability or release date, others could potentially be bought months beforehand. When it comes to personalized gifts, you might also want to consider purchasing well ahead of the celebration date, to ensure that your bespoke item is both correct and on time.


Going on holiday as a family can be a wonderful way to spend time together during the breaks from school. This can also be used as an opportunity to see more of the country or even the world, yet it comes at a cost. Accommodation, fuel and, if going a long distance, means of transportation and travel insurance can soon rack up into the thousands. Putting some money away each month may make this more affordable, even if you only go every other year. If money is an issue, considering a vacation closer to home, with less of a budget, can still be feasible. For families that love the outdoors, a few days of camping can be a cost-effective means of going on a break, without needing to spend thousands of dollars.

Emergency Savings

Whether you want to put money aside in case of car repairs, medical bills, or other things that you may not have considered, having a rainy day fund can be a great, intelligent idea. By putting aside a few dollars each week or month, you will be able to build up a pot of money that can be used for out of the ordinary expenses. This can also go a long way towards reducing the amount you may face when it comes to an essential expense that has not been otherwise planned for within your usual monthly budget.

On top of helping yourself avoid financial difficulty and reducing the stress associated with larger purchase periods throughout the year, showing responsibility with money can also be a great way to be a positive role model for your children, to enable them to also have a good relationship with money as they grow up.