Meaningful Presentation for Potential Investors: Attractive Presentation Deck


Attractive presentation decks are critical to the presentation of your business plan, products, and services. The presentation you give can make or break your chances at convincing potential investors that your business is worth their investment. Here’s how to create an attractive presentation deck for potential investors with Venngage!

Start with a pitch deck.

A pitch deck will provide you with the foundation for your presentation. Venngage has free presentation templates that can help you quickly build an attractive presentation deck in minutes, but if none of those are to your liking, use our drag-and-drop design tool to create one from scratch!

Insert relevant images into slides.

Images are vital because they enhance crucial points and illustrate concepts or ideas that words alone cannot express. You should choose high-quality images (minimum resolution is 300 dpi) when inserting them into slide decks; otherwise, they may look pixelated on projector screens during presentations. Use pictures and videos to enhance your presentation. Adding bright, beautiful images makes an attractive presentation deck; videos explaining the display are even better.

Videos can help to show off your product or service in a way that words alone simply cannot do justice. Use charts and graphs to convey data that demonstrates your presentation is a sound investment. Charts and graphs can make it easy for potential investors to understand the data you’re telling them about in ways that words cannot convey.

Use professional fonts sparingly, not excessively.


Fonts come in different shapes and size like Serif vs. Sans Serif fonts. Serif font is a type of font with small lines coming from the edges of letters, while Sans-serif is plain and does not have these extra features. Serif fonts are ideal for presentation slides, but their overuse can be distracting.\

Add emphasis with animation.

Animation is an effective way to emphasize specific points or draw attention to certain things on pitch deck examples. With Venngage’s presentation maker, you have access to more than 100 animated effects that can help your slide deck pop! Animate objects based on their priority and importance in order of most important first (e.g., animate the company logo before product images).

For example, if one object needs more visual interest than another within a single frame, then use animations to give it extra flair without making any changes to the other object(s) positions/orientation. This will make your presentation stand out from others because not all presentation makers have this function.

Make important text stand out with colors.

Use contrasting colors when choosing presentation slides to make it easier for your audience to read them during presentations. For example, if you use a dark stain on top, then the same color in lighter/brighter will work well underneath it. Also, try using shapes around words or pictures instead of underlining texts because they do not take up space in presentation slides!

Many presentation templates come with options for different colored backgrounds, which can add another dimension to your presentation deck design! If all else fails (and this may be the best option for presentation templates), use Venngage’s presentation editor to change colors and fonts.

Present your presentation deck clearly and concisely!


Pitch to potential investors using simple, straight-to-the-point words or sentences. Invite questions if possible during the presentation because it will help you communicate better with them and answer any lingering doubts they might have about investing their money into your business. After all, that is why presentations are done anyway. Convincing people that what’s being presented should be taken seriously!

Format your text so it looks good on projector screens.

Make sure all of your presentation slides look great when projected onto a screen or monitor by formatting them with an appropriate size easily readable from far away. You should also not use too many different font sizes as they can be challenging to read even if you are sitting next to the presenter! Keep presentation slides clean, simple, and professional-looking at all times.

Demonstrate your presentation’s purpose with a clear and understandable intro and conclusion slide

At the beginning of your presentation, you should clearly state its objective in one or two sentences (e.g., “Our company is launching an innovative new product line that we would like potential investors to take notice of because it will revolutionize our industry”).

Include a concluding statement at the end of the presentation deck to summarize what has been presented during the entire business pitch (e.g., “We look forward to seeing if there might be mutual interest between us for future collaboration! Thank you very much for listening today!”). Remember: The goal here isn’t just to deliver information but to leave a lasting impression!

How to Make a Pitch Deck With Venngage


The presentation process can be intimidating, but Venngage makes it easy to create attractive presentation decks for potential investors. Venngage is a presentation creation application that makes it easy to create a fantastic presentation. With over 100 pre-made templates, Venngage has the best presentation design for any company type or industry imaginable! When creating your presentation with Venngage, be sure to use one of our beautiful fonts designed by Google Fonts specifically for presentation design.

The possibilities with Venngage are endless when creating presentation decks; impressive visuals provide engaging content for viewers and take any presentation from dull to exciting. With over 100 pre-made presentation design templates and a drag-and-drop feature, Venngage users can easily edit their presentation designs in no time! When you use Venngage to create presentation slides for your next meeting with potential investors, there is no doubt they will be impressed by how professional and sleek your presentation looks.

Giving them all of the evidence needed to back up why yours should be chosen, among others. Venngage presentation templates are designed to help you create an attractive presentation deck in minutes. Get started with the Venngage presentation maker today!