How to Legitimize Your Crowdfunding Efforts

When crowdfunding first came into the public eye, it was seen as a way to raise money for great causes and help people who needed it. However, in recent years, fraudsters have taken advantage of this method of fundraising and raised millions of dollars through illegitimate campaigns. Understandably, many people are now wary of donating to crowdfunding campaigns and millions are left undonated each day.

Here are tips to make your campaign seem more legitimate to potential donors.

Have a Professional Website

One of the ways that a significant number of people determine legitimacy for many things these days- stores, hospitals, museums, schools, law firms, etc.- is via the presence of a website.

Why? Because it requires time, money, and effort to create a professional website and most fraudsters simply wouldn’t bother.

So if you’re running a crowdfunding campaign, hire a web developer to create a website set up that potential donors can visit. Then, include relevant information about your campaign- who you are and why you’re raising money.

This is a simple way to have a professional-looking online home for your project. Plus, it allows you to control the message that people see when they look you up. You can make sure that potential donors see only correct information about your campaign.

Get Media

This can be difficult, but if you’re able to get articles written about your campaign in popular publications, or other types of media coverage around your campaign, it will go a long way in making your campaign look legitimate.

When people see that you have been featured in a publication or on tv or radio, they will be more likely to trust that you are legitimate and that their donation will be used for a good cause.

To get media coverage for your campaign, reach out to journalists and bloggers who cover or write about crowdfunding. Send them information about your campaign and compelling reasons why you think it would be of interest to their audience.

Get Endorsements

Endorsements mean social proof, which is always valuable. In the case of crowdfunding, endorsements can help you tap into networks of supporters. If you can get a celebrity to promote your campaign, for instance, their fans and followers will take notice.

Of course, celebrities are famously hard to get in touch with, and honestly, endorsements from people who are respected in your industry or community will do just as well.

Start by reaching out to the respectable people you know and asking if they would be willing to endorse your campaign. If you don’t know anyone who would be willing to endorse your campaign, try cold calling and emailing.

By following these tips, you can increase your chances of reaching your crowdfunding goal by reassuring potential donors that their donation will go to a good cause.