Enterprise ECommerce Upgrades to Meet Increasing Demands

These days, many businesses feel as though demand couldn’t be higher. With increased digital shopping, smaller outfits and veteran companies alike struggle to meet scaling customer expectations. For some brands, an outdated call center platform can’t keep up with inbound communications. For others, it’s harder now to ensure all of a company’s connected devices have stable, secured access.

Whether you need some key customer experience upgrades, you’re not sure how to secure the proper IP address, or you’re wondering whether it’s time to invest in a stronger developer, here’s what any eCommerce brand needs to know about meeting heightened demand.

Start with the customer experience.


Your customer service and quality assurance efforts can make or break your reputation. While customer service best practices are a good start, they aren’t enough to ensure you’re providing personalized service. Even if you have years of experience, customer satisfaction is often fickle. Those years of experience can’t always help you guide a burgeoning startup or expand a larger enterprise. By design, the old call center model is fairly outdated. A call center or contact center consisted of what you likely picture as a phone bank in the past. These call centers relied on expensive address space rentals, customer interaction tracking, and retention difficulties.

These days, contact centers are digital entities for many brands. A contact center solution gives you additional routes for ongoing communication, streamlines supervisor duties, and makes old tracking spreadsheets a thing of the past. It’s truly a gateway to higher-quality service. Plus, new support team solutions benefit from ongoing tech advancements. These days, your average call center comes with additional functions that include speech analytics, speedy deployment, customer interaction dashboards, and call routing.

There are several web applications for call center quality assurance software, which is preferred. With the help of artificial intelligence and other add-ons, each phone call can have a personal connection. The new features and the ability to maintain omnichannel touchpoints heightens this option. You can work on live chat, social media, and your call log. Your supervisors and call center agents will thank you for the upgrade.

Consider working with an IPv4 broker.


If you’re not familiar with common IP address concepts such as IPv4 blocks, IP address 24, subnets, and prefix length, you may need to work with a professional. In short, your IP address is the destination address for any digital gateway. These days, most IP addresses are IPv4 addresses. IPv4 is the current iteration of the IP address protocol, though IPv6 is on the way. However, as it stands, the reduced prefix length of IPv4 addresses means that these online gateways and destination address components are in short demand.

Reduced allocation can impact your IP address devices’ interconnectivity, hamper UI, and impact mobile app stability. Until you’re able to switch to an IPv6 address, you’re going to have to find a modern workaround.

That’s where a broker can benefit a company and the end-user. An IP address broker can buy and sell used IPv4 address blocks and facilitate the switch in a clean, secure manner. After the switch is complete, the new packet project manager has complete control of the address block. Since every IoT device requires internet protocol access, this switch is sometimes necessary. When you’re preparing to work with a broker to account for increased device demand, you need to consider your brand’s frameworks, how strong an internet connection you have, and how many address blocks you need. While the right broker can run you through some performance management specifics, it shouldn’t be their sole responsibility.

This is the ideal choice for smaller brands that need to rapidly scale or larger brands making cross-organization device upgrades and switches. Especially on a larger network, this is a smart choice for your workflow.

Invest in tech advancements.

unnamed (1).jpg

Has your brand built any mobile applications? Do you think your own software would improve your profits? Do you know how artificial intelligence can aid your business? From workforce management to larger network development, you need to consider investing in some high-tech solutions. While a consultant you found on social media might work, you may need to invest in a software developer. Of course, this also means you need to set some frameworks for quality management for any software engineer or web developer.

First, what does your workforce management need to increase profits? Whether it’s cybercoders for phone calls or a Senior Software Engineer who can develop new typescript, you need to address your needs. It’s a good idea to take your search online, as well. To find the right admins, start by doing a location-based search like “Los Angeles based React developer” or “JavaScript developer five years experience.” This will help you narrow down your results. Of course, this can also be an inefficient method. If you want to build your internet engineering task force more capably, you may need to post a well-crafted listing.

List key performance indicators, set your location within the United States (or elsewhere), and write a job listing that can attract a top-tier programmer in real-time. Whether you need a technical lead or a mobile app developer with extensive experience, you don’t want to spend a long time looking for a new hire for your quality team. The right listing can help you scale your DevOps or QA team that much faster, so it’s worth considering the utility of certain job sites. They can also help with team calibration and hiring agent performance.

If this seems like a lot to process, that’s because it probably is. If you want to slash your downtime, increase profits, and meet demand, you likely need to make some changes. Whether you’re investing in voice recognition for agent calls or you need to buy private IP address blocks, it’s important to find the right suite of tools that can aid your business in the busier times. When you have a database of software, programs, and platforms that are all working to your advantage, there’s no telling how far your eCommerce business can go.