Can I Trust Online Casino and Slot Reviews?

If you’ve been betting online for a while, you will probably have come across the odd review here or there. Some are for online casinos, some are for slots, and there are others dealing with virtually every other aspect of the online betting world. How do you know you can trust what you find in an online casino or slot review, though? With our short guide, we’ll let you in on all the little secrets that you need to know.

Where Can I Find Casino/Slot Reviews

Firstly, online casino and slot reviews can be found almost anywhere. New sites pop up all the time, and they tend to be the less reliable of the bunch. Instead, we’d recommend choosing one of the more long-term, experienced sites. They have a lot of credibility and often provide unbiased reviews. We won’t point you to any, but we’re sure that you can scout around on Google or another search engine to find them.

What Should a Good Casino Review Offer

A good casino review should tell you everything you need to know about a casino, not just the good bits. For instance, if we were to write a review about Rollers Casino, we’d want to know what kind of support it has to offer, its licensing and security details, and how many games it offers. We’d also want to know the terms and conditions behind its promos and if there were any tournaments and competitions available.

And a Bad Casino Review?

A bad review is usually one where the reviewer has gone above and beyond to make a casino sound like a wonderful place to play. No online casino is perfect – far from it. Every casino has its flaws. If you don’t really get that vibe or can’t find where a casino has imperfections when reading a review, it is likely that the review has been written solely for profit and is less than helpful to readers such as yourself.

How About a Good Slot Review?

A good slot review should be informative but also personal. It should tell you the important details, such as the number of paylines, betting range and special features, but also less easy-to-find details like RTP rates and volatility levels. The best slot reviews will also touch on the experience of playing a game. They will tell you how to trigger the slot’s features and what they bring to the table.

Tell-Tale Signs of a Compromised Slot Review

You should be able to tell when a slot reviewer hasn’t played the game they claim to be reviewing. Reviews tend to be rather generic and lack detail. They will also likely praise the game for being one of the best slots with high limits out there. Whenever you see these kinds of reviews, the truth (not always, but often) is far from whatever is written in the review. In fact, sometimes, the truth is the opposite of what’s written.