InboundWriter Plug-in for WordPress

InboundWriter for WordPress Plug-in
The SEO Plug-in for Writers


With our new InboundWriter for WordPress plug-in, writers can easily optimize their blog posts as they type to be more relevant and search engine friendly – all from within the world’s most popular blogging software.

The InboundWriter for WordPress plug-in helps bloggers get more visitors and drive increased engagement with their content by telling them which keywords to use and how to best structure their content for maximum search engine visibility.

    • New CPC pricing enable Google AdSense™ publishers to make more money
    • Automatic topic research – start typing and watch the keyword recommendations pour in
    • Choose from one of three content strategies to help increase content reach and engagement

InboundWriter and WordPress is a great marriage to help writers quickly create more relevant and SEO-friendly blog posts. The new InboundWriter for WordPress plug-in enables bloggers to optimize their posts as they type by streaming real-time search intelligence into a familiar interface, as well as providing automated guidance and interactive feedback.- Jay Baer, Social media expert -

Understand What Interests Your Readers

Discover the words and phrases your readers are using right now when searching, reading or sharing content on the social web. The InboundWriter for WordPress plug-in scours all business- and user-generated content online – including blogs, product reviews, message boards, and major sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, WordPress, Amazon, and Technorati– and recommends the words and phrases that will help extend content reach and engagement.

Get Real-Time Coaching

Get specific guidance on how to make your content more search engine friendly by incorporating specific keywords into your writing. Are you not using your keywords often enough in your document? Are they not included early enough in the body copy? Perhaps you are using too many keywords, making your document appear “spammy”. With InboundWriter for WordPress, you will receive relevant writing “do’s and don’ts” to help improve your content popularity as you write – providing you immediate guidance on the science of online content creation.

Increase Content Popularity

Take advantage of all the SEO keyword recommendations and optimization tips provided, directly within the WordPress interface. With the InboundWriter for WordPress plug-in, you can assess how well you are optimizing your content through interactive gauges and a real-time content score that reflects the goodness of your word choices, content structure and other criteria. Experiment with different keywords and writing strategies and observe in real-time how they impact your content popularity.

Better Monetize Your Content via Google Adsense

Monetize your content as you type by leveraging InboundWriter’s new advertising strategy option. Just select how important contextual advertising programs like Google AdSense ™ are to your content strategy, and InboundWriter will factor your selection into its real-time keyword recommendations. By optimizing around the highest cost-per-click (CPC) ratings, you can attract higher paying keywords and banners via the Google AdSense network. Only InboundWriter offers this unique capability for those leveraging the Google AdSense platform.