Contentious State of B2B Content Marketing Infographic

Infographic: The Contentious State of B2B Content Marketing

This month’s featured infographic, “The Contentious State of B2B Content Marketing”, created by MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute, offers a visual round-up of the the most revealing and interesting stats from their recent report “The State of B2B Content Marketing in North America”.

From insights into how B2B marketers are successfully using content marketing techniques, to the toughest challenges they face in the industry today, this infographic offers real, useful information for B2B content marketers looking to learn the latest and most effective trends. As you read, be sure to compare your own successes and challenges to see how your business’ content marketing strategy stacks up!

Contentious State of B2B Content Marketing Infographic

Do you share any common content marketing pain points or have you found success with any of the tactics listed above? Comment your thoughts and questions below or find us on our social channels — TwitterFacebookLinkedInGoogle+.

2 thoughts on “Infographic: The Contentious State of B2B Content Marketing

  1. Nick Stamoulis

    Almost all of my clients say producing enough content is there #1 problem as well. Most B2B companies understand the importance of content and know they should be doing it but things always get pushed to the back burner.

  2. Michael Neuendorff

    This infographic is illuminating. Interesting how Facebook is almost equivalent to LinkedIn. I’m thinking that in a few years the balance will shift to Google+ and LinkedIn because of all the innovation that’s coming out from the G+ team. Also, I feel LinkedIn Company Pages will come on stronger.


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