Valentines Day

Holiday Keywords: Valentines Day Edition

For couples, Valentines Day is a day of romance and exchanging gifts like cards, flowers, jewelry and candy, while for the singles out there, it’s a time to flock together and look upon the love birds with hopes that next year they too will have been struck by Cupid’s bow. However, regardless of which end of the spectrum your audience falls, the truth is Valentines Day is the third-largest consumer-driven holiday in terms of dollars spent (trailing Halloween and, of course, Christmas) — and that means your business’ content marketing strategy needs to cash in!Valentines DaySo how can your branded content compete during one of the biggest consumer-driven holidays of the year? By making your content stand out! For instance, did you notice that I’ve been using “Valentines Day” instead of “Valentine’s Day?”  That’s entirely deliberate. According to InboundWriter’s research, the phrase “Valentines Day”is a 4.5-star phrase.

To grab your audience’s love-struck attention this holiday, focus your Valentines Day content on these other top keywords and phrases:

Cupid (5 Stars)
Valentines Day (4.5 Stars)
Valentine Cards
(4.5 Stars)
Valentine Gift Baskets (4.5 Stars)
Valentine Poems
(4.5 Stars)
Funny Valentine (4.5 Stars)
Romance (4 Stars)
Hearts (4 Stars)

As you edit and finalize your Valentines Day posts, keep this phrasing in mind and make sure you’re optimizing your content to get the most out of your content marketing strategy. Or you can always run your piece through InboundWriter — it’s free to sign up and we’ll help you create a piece your audience is sure to love!

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