Content Curation Image July 16Are You Creating, Curating or Regurgitating ContentBefore we begin, the fact that we are curating Pam Moore of Marketing Nutz’s podcast is somewhat ironic given that the topic is focused on good and bad curation practices. But, curation is so prevalent in marketing today because content is so important. With that said, it doesn’t necessarily mean any content is good content. […] Read More >
bus value content strategy June 10Stop Buying Bread! Buy the Right Content Marketing ToolWe love this recent quote by Rebecca Lieb of Altimeter Group, “Overwhelmingly, marketers are investing in tools to create content. But what they say they need are tools for measurement. That’s like going to the store for milk and coming back with bread.” Just because you have a “content strategy” does not mean your content […] Read More >
333a6cc1-c4db-4d08-b877-4c50120d69b4 June 03Guided Creativity – Leverage Technology Without Sacrificing CreativityHave you heard of guided creativity? It’s the term used by Clare Price, President and Chief Content Office of CFP Media Group used to describe the balance between technology and creativity. Today there seems to be some technology for every part of the writing process. While tools and technology can certainly make a writer’s job easier, […] Read More >
field of dreams May 27Just Because You Published It Does Not Mean They Will ComeA recent blog post by Social Barrel shared 8 popular content marketing trends not to be ignored. At InboundWriter, the one that hit home for us was #4 – Business Owners Will Realize That Publication Was Only The First Step In Marketing Strategy. We talk about this all the time with our customers and prospects. You […] Read More >
original May 203 Tips to Help You Write Shareable ContentEvery writer and content manager wants to create content that users are keen to share with their friends, but creating truly shareable content can be tough. If the secret to writing shareable content seems like a mystery to you, then following these tips could help get your content marketing strategy back on track. 1. Know […] Read More >