Tell us what you want to write about

We mine the web

  • To determine how people find content on a given topic
  • To learn about the demand for that topic
  • To profile the prominent competitive websites that already published on that topic
  • To understand the type of content (text, video, etc) that people want to consume for that topic
  • To assess if similar content already exists on your site

We provide answers, not data

  • Which topic will work, which won’t, and why
  • Related topics that can drive more success
  • Specific and precise authoring guidelines

We are adaptive and accurate

  • Our algorithms evolve by leveraging real-time data and how people consume content online
  • We regularly backtest our analytics and recommendations against actual traffic flows, so we know they are correct

In a matter of minutes

  • Guess work is eliminated
  • You know what to write
  • You know it will work