InboundWriter is a software-only solution that allows writers to write and publishers/marketers to achieve website performance goals.


Our solution is a combination of cloud-based software, real-time data and deep analytics, enabling users to:

  • Generate ideas on what to write about
  • Predict Performance of your written content, even before you make the investment to write it
  • Improve content quality in a consistent and scalable way
  • Measure results connecting content quality to traffic and engagement

Our technology operates off an important tenet of web publishing: creating written content online is a zero-sum game. People search for what they want to read. In order to reach that audience, you need to be one of the top providers of that information. It is a high stakes game – only a small number of top publishers for any given topic take the lion’s share of the spoils, and the rest fight for scraps.

Our software gathers a vast amount of data from the web. We understand three critical factors that will determine how your content performs:

  • The size of your audience for a given topic
  • Who else is publishing content on that topic
    (your competition)
  • The most powerful terms you can use for that topic

Leveraging our platform, writers gain critical insights to improve what they write and maximize that value of their work. Publishers and marketers can see how higher quality content directly impacts site performance.
Everyone wins!

Typical Pain Points

Most people think if content reads well, and perhaps even if it adheres to certain ‘best practices’, that is should perform. This is actually quite far from the truth. In fact, only 10–20% of content actually succeeds in ever being found.

driving without headlights When developing written content, most people do it ‘the old fashioned way’: write, publish, hope for the best. In addition, creating content is a big investment (writers, editors, approvals, content management and publishing software, analytics, etc.). Why make these investments with such a poor hit rate? This is akin to driving without headlights, not a winning strategy.

The problem is that current tools and analytics do not provide writers insights into the strengths and weaknesses of their content. Many factors influence the performance of content well beyond how the content reads. Even Google acknowledges that high quality, unique content is critically important in driving website traffic 1. This puts writers in a jam without the tools they need in today’s environment to compete and consistently win.

Our sole mission is to solve this problem. We are the only purpose-built application available to writers, publishers and marketers that deterministically improves content quality and website performance.

Unique Features and Capabilities


There are many types of applications that aim to improve website performance. Most of these are made for analytics professionals, not for writers. And they are made to optimize various technical aspects of a site, not to enhance content quality. We are different.

Our software is purpose-built to enhance content quality and improve website traffic, enabling user to:

  • Generate ideas on what to write about
  • Predict Performance of your written content before you make the investment to write it
  • Improve content quality in a consistent and scalable way
  • Measure results connecting content quality to traffic and engagement

We do this in a unique and proprietary way. For every piece of content you write, or even for topics you are considering writing about, our technology goes to the web and finds hundreds, sometimes thousands, of pieces of content written on the exact same subject.

This process and other data we collect provide us a treasure trove of information to analyze. Once we know who your competition is for a given topic, and the site where you plan to publish it, we leverage known ‘laws of nature’ of the Internet to tell you how your content is likely to perform. We take the subjective, hit-and-miss process of understanding content quality and distill it to statistically-reliable method. Furthermore, we do so in a way that does not disrupt the creative and writing process. That is the beauty of InboundWriter.

With this information, we can also feed writers ideas as to how to improve their content. A critical element of this insight is telling writers what their opportunities and constraints are. We tell writers where they can compete and win, and where they can’t.


We know our software works because we test it — rigorously and regularly. We know high quality content typically drives 5–10x the traffic on low quality content with equivalent engagement.

Other key features include:

  • Cloud-based application with enterprise quality and scalability
  • Easy and flexible integration to CMS and related systems
  • Support, training and performance management all designed to make customers successful

We do the hard work behind the scenes
so you don’t have to!