Summer 2014

We’re up to something…

What if you could understand how online content would perform before you committed to write it. Not how it should perform. Not factors to consider. Not data on what has worked in the past. But how it will perform, right now. That would be pretty cool.

As stated above… we’re up to something ☺

We are data geeks, big time. We live and breathe web analytics. We talk about regressions and correlation coefficients just for fun. The right data in the right hands can yield highly valuable, disruptive insights. This is what we do.

Leveraging data for insights and efficiencies is not new, of course. What is new is applying this level of rigor to web content development. Creating content for the web is a ‘hits driven’ business; only a small percentage of the content ever reaches the light of day. We have done a root cause analysis of this issue and developed predictive analytics to solve the problem.

We’ll formally announce our new product sometime soon. In the meantime, if you’re curious please drop us a note. We are already working with a select group of leading enterprises, publishers and agencies who are getting a jumpstart on how to leverage our innovations.

We’re also having a lot of fun along the way…


The InboundWriter Team