InboundWriter Unveils Groundbreaking Capability to Predict Web Content Performance

Today, we’re at Content Marketing World – we’re a sponsor! – and we’ve just announced some big news about our platform.  Since the beginning of the year, InboundWriter has been working on a number of significant advancements to its platform and algorithms, which includes the ability to accurately predict content performance. The newly updated InboundWriter software:

  • Takes into account the site where a user will publish a given piece of content.
  • Scours the web to find hundreds, sometimes thousands, of competitive content pieces on the same subject.
  • Based on these two pieces of data, determines how your website will perform relative to competitors.

This is huge, as it adds critical intelligence to our content scoring and improvement suggestions.

InboundWriter 2Image 1: InboundWriter’s domain-specific recommendations capability

Essentially, we’ve evolved our product from an online best practices application (of which there are several) to an application that actually takes into account all the key factors that influence performance (where we stand alone). We’ve even confirmed a statistically significant relationship between the traffic that a piece of content generates and its InboundWriter content quality score, thereby validating that InboundWriter’s technology can be used as an indicator for accurately predicting content’s performance on the web. We don’t know of any other product that can benchmark against competitive content, offer suggestions to improve content, and enable users to predict successful writing subjects like this.

Here’s a quote from InboundWriter’s CEO Skip Besthoff from today’s press release:

“Regardless of whether your content reads well or is developed with search engine optimization best practices in mind, the end result has no bearing on how that content will actually drive traffic. The reality is that there are certain factors, some of which are outside of the content itself, that heavily influence performance. As our research shows, developing content without understanding these factors amounts to pure guesswork. Given the significant and increasing investment that websites make in rich, text-based content, we think there is a better way to drive a consistent and healthy return on those investments.”

InboundWriter 4Image 2: InboundWriter’s new content performance reporting (for Enterprise accounts)

With the new platform release, InboundWriter is offering Enterprise prospects a site content audit when evaluating the software. To inquire, please email us at sales [at]  Read the full press release for more information.

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