InboundWriter’s mission is to enable writers to write and publishers/marketers to achieve website performance goals. We bring automation and scalability to the table, helping content professionals improve the quality of their content with high efficiency. We know higher quality content drives significantly higher traffic and engagement.

performance chart

What Is Performance?

At InboundWriter, we want you to have your cake and eat it, too. We want writers to be delighted with our application and website owners to be delighted with bottom-line results.

For most websites, traffic is a major gauge of performance and success. If people do not find and consume your website, it is hard to argue the website is delivering value. When traffic is growing, we know a site is healthy and business objectives can be more easily achieved.

We also know it is very hard to grow traffic without quality content. By content ‘quality’, we specifically mean:

  • Content that serves a significant audience, so that if your content resonates, the increase in traffic will move the needle for your site
  • Content that can compete, meaning your content is consumed more than other content written on the exact same subject (remember, we are in a zero-sum game)
  • Content that is well-written such that readers love it and search engines can easily serve it up

When you can line these three factors up to create high quality content, we know you will drive traffic and related website performance metrics. We typically see that high quality content will drive 5–10x the traffic of lower quality content. Thus, even slight improvements in content quality can have a big impact on overall website performance.

Leveraging InboundWriter

While what we do under the hood is quite complicated, we like to keep things simple and efficient for our users. To get value from InboundWriter, you need to follow one simple rule:

Green is good

Our software objectively and analytically rates content quality. High quality content is green. Low quality content is red. And if it is somewhere in the middle, we call that yellow.

layered traffic green yellow red To drive performance, you need to get more content to a green status. Our performance reporting measures the traffic your website and associates that traffic with the quality of your content. We show you that your green content drives significantly higher traffic that your yellow and red content. So, to drive consistent gains in traffic and related performance metrics, you need to get more content into the green. The more green content, the more traffic. Simple as that.

Success Stories

How do we know Green is Good? Simple—the data doesn’t lie.

Everything we do is correlated to traffic metrics. With every implementation, we offer enterprise customers the ability to see that green is good. One way we express this is in a ‘correlation report’. Here, we show customers, with their own content and own data, the impact of improving content quality.

traffic assessment chart

This chart associates green content with corresponding historical traffic. You can see that green content tends to be towards the upper right of the graph, whereas red content is clustered in the lower left. The data doesn’t lie. Red content is typically not associated with high traffic for reasons we understand, whereas green is. Simple as that.

Once you implement InboundWriter and get more content into the green, you will see traffic increase. Here is one of our actual case studies:

VideoMaker Case Study

Our customer VideoMaker took 16 pieces of content, upgraded them to green using InboundWriter, and measured the traffic versus a control group of similar content. After 4 months, the traffic to the pages with green content rose 350% versus the control group where traffic rose 25%. Over a 3x improvement in 4 months. Writers are happy. Readers access better information. Traffic improves. Everyone wins.


Simplicity and effectiveness are guiding principles for us. Our pricing reflects this as well.

Our target customers are enterprises: medium- and large-sized publishers, brands and corporate accounts.

Our pricing is designed to match the value we provide. All of our accounts are unlimited users. We simply charge based on the volume of content you put through InboundWriter. We offer project-specific as well as monthly plans that will support your content development needs.

All of our enterprise accounts include:

  • Unlimited users
  • User support
  • Training

We also offer very flexible integration into almost any content management or production system. We have a standard API and support multiple workflows. Integration often involves a modest, one-time fee.

For non-enterprise accounts, we offer more limited Basic and Pro versions of our software.