Two simple truths of creating content for the web:

First Simple TruthMost content published on the web
does not perform (i.e. drive traffic)

First Simple TruthMost people don’t know why

Having worked with scores of accounts—both large and small, both publishers and enterprises—the typical performance of new content development is as follows:

Minority of content equals majority of performanceThis is a typical example, showing that only 30% of the new content for this particular site (120 pieces) drives 75% of the traffic. The rest (280 pieces) drive very little traffic and have minimal impact.

driving without headlightsThe status quo in the industry is to create content, publish it and see what works. Little attention is paid to understanding factors that will drive content performance before you make the investment to write it. The net result is driving without headlights.

driving without headlights When you think about the time, effort and fully-loaded hard dollar investment that goes into web content development (articles, blogs, etc.), is driving blind the best way to go?

If you could know not just that 75%+ of your content would not drive traffic, but know which content that is before you committed to create it, would you want that information to make better editorial decisions? Would you want automated and precise suggestions as to what topics would be the best for you, achieving editorial and performance goals?

To take waste, guesswork and legwork out of creating content,
then drop us a note.

We can help.

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