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2 December 2014 CMI CMI: How to Know What Content Drives Traffic
1 December 2014 C&C Convince & Convert: How to Use Predictive Content Analytics
November/December 2014 adweek News & Tech magazine: InboundWriter / GottaBeMobile case study (Nov./Dec. print issue, p.33) 
25 November 2014 EContent EContent: Can You Make Content Predictions?
24 November 2014 Practical ECommerce Practical E-Commerce: 45 Tools to Generate Content, for E-Commerce
11 November 2014 newsandtech SiteProNews: Search vs. Social: How to Drive Website Traffic with Evergreen Content 
15 September 2014 adweek ADWEEK: Should Bloggers Trust This Service More Than Their Own Intuition? InboundWriter helps editors find clickable story ideas
15 September 2014 adweek News & Tech: Content analytics firm shifts to forecasting model
11 September 2014 download BizReport: Two Factors That Impact Branded Content
10 September 2014 MediaBistro MediaBistro’s PRNewser: Q&A: What’s the Secret Sauce Behind Successful Content Marketing?
10 September 2014 econtent EContent Magazine: Will Your Content Succeed? One Company Says It Can Tell You
9 September 2014 MediaPost MediaPost’s SearchBlog: How To Forecast Content Performance
9 September 2014 DMN DMNews: Inbound Floats a Crystal Ball for Content
9 September 2014 Picture1 Website Magazine: Determine Content Performance Before Development
9 September 2014 Untitled MediaShower: 10,000 Hours in 10 Minutes – Skip Besthoff on Conceiving Better Digital Content
9 September 2014 CRM destinationCRM / CRM Magazine: InboundWriter Updates Its Content Management App
9 September 2014 Untitled Content Marketing & Programmatic Buying: a new dream couple? (in German)
2 September 2014 Untitled1 Website Magazine: Comparing 3 Content Development Tools
14 August 2014 B2C Business2Community: Content Marketing Tools: The Ultimate List
21 June 2014 B2C Business2Community: 26 Stats That Prove Content Marketing Increases Lead Generation, Sales, and ROI
20 June 2014 Puro Puro Marketing: How Many Reasons Do You Need to Show the Potential of Content Marketing? (translated from Spanish)
2 May 2014 Nashville Nashville Ledger: Corporate Websites Must Be More Than Online Brochures
30 April 2014 Memphis Memphis Daily News: Are Traditional Websites Dead?
24 March 2014 PSMJ PSMJ Resources, Inc: Annual State of the A/E/C Website
23 March 2014 LaAnet LaAnet Blog: Why social networks are more expensive (in Spanish)
February-2014 CCO Chief Content Officer: Tech Tools (February print issue, p.34)
February-2014 Retail Retail Online Integration: From Soup to Nuts (February print issue, cover story)
5 February 2014 Forbes Content is King and the Corporate Website is Dead
4 February 2014 Kuno 6 Productivity Tips to Make Content Marketing Work for You
1 February 2014 B2C Business2Community: Is The Corporate Website Dead? (also published in B2B Marketing Insider)
19 January 2014 SE Watch SearchEngineWatch: 9 Tools to Help You Come Up With Content Ideas
17 January 2014 Entrepreneur 7 Ways Social Media Will Be More Expensive This Year
17 January 2014 Soy SoyEntrepreneur: Why social networks are more expensive (in Spanish)
17 January 2014 Ceros Ceros Blog: Driving Performance for Your Content Marketing Program
16 January 2014 ICC Intelligent Content Conference- Articles: The Role of Data in Digital Publishing
15 January 2014 MediaBistro (1) MediaBistro/PRNewser: On Optimizing Content Before It Goes Live
14 January 2014 Grow {grow}: Strategies to Help Your Business Overcome Information Overload
12 January 2014 Web Marketing Web Marketing Today (YouTube): Tools to Write Better Copy – a Look at InboundWriter
8 January 2014 Forbes Is Solution Selling Dead? The 2014 Content Marketing Imperative
3 January 2014 Picture1 Website Magazine: Content Marketing Tips for 2014
30 December 2013 Marenated Marenated: 10 Stats to Drive Your B2B Marketing into 2014
24 December 2013 B2C Business2Community: Why Content Marketing Fails: 3 Tools to Improve Content-Driven Conversions
18 December 2013 B2B B2B Marketing Insider Blog: 33 Stats on the Future of Content Marketing
9 December 2013 B2C Business2Community: The 2014 Content Marketing Imperative
1 December 2013 Customer Think Matt’s App of the Week: Inbound Writer
14 November 2013 Administradores Administradores: 20 Tools for Content Marketing — Free (in Portuguese)
31 October 2013 B2C Business2Community: 3 Content Optimization Questions Google Analytics Can Answer
1 October 2013 SE Watch Search Engine Watch: InboundWriter Promises More Insight into How Content Will Perform Prior to Publishing
24 September 2013 MediaBistro MediaBistro/PRNewser: Where Does PR Fit Into Content Marketing?
23 September 2013 B2C Business2Community: Is 80% Of Your Content Marketing A Swing And A Miss?
20 September 2013 Allen Allen & Gerritsen YouTube Video: Whet Your Appetite – InboundWriter
18 September 2013 6 Six Estate: Is Content Marketing a Zero Sum Game?
18 September 2013 Hosteltur HostelTur: Hotel Branding and Online Content — 10 Things to Consider (Spanish)
16 September 2013 Infor Real-Time Marketing — Future trends and challenges for businesses (Polish)
14 September 2013 Community Community Geek: Monthly Platform Roundup
13 September 2013 Content Standard The Content Standard: Content Success Gets More Predictable in InboundWriter Update
12 September 20132 B2C Business2Community: 5 Social Media Gaffes – Are You Guilty?
12 September 2013 Puro Puro Marketing: Why 80% of Content Generated Does Not Work (Spanish)
11 September 2013 CRM Destination CRM: InboundWriter Releases Platform to Make the Most of Content Marketing
11 September 2013 Dive Marketing Dive: InboundWriter Predicts Audience Interest Before Publishing
11 September 2013 Ing Ing MediaBloger: Content Marketing Study Suggest Much of Content Marketing Doesn’t Work (Czech)
10 September 2013 Forbes Forbes: Content Marketing Study Suggests Most Content Marketing Doesn’t Work
10 September 2013 Adweek Adweek: Publishing System Helps Writers Determine Audience Interest – Motor Trend Magazine among InboundWriter’s first clients
10 September 2013 MediaPost MediaPost: InboundWriter Predicts Whether Content Drives Measurable Results
10 September 2013 DMN DMNews: The Search Component in Content
10 September 2013 Picture1 Website Magazine: InboundWriter Predicts Content Performance
10 September 2013 CMS CMSWire: New InboundWriter Update Gives Context to Your Content Marketing
10 September 2013 MediaPost MediaPost: There’s Buying Power In Predictive Analytics
10 September 2013 econtent eContent: InboundWriter Announces Content Analytics Software
9 September 2013 CM Logo CMI: InboundWriter CEO Perspective – Improve Your Website Content’s Quality: 5 Ways to Drive High Performance
1 September 2013 Picture1 Website Magazine: Conversion – A Roundtable Discussion (September print issue)
28 August 2013 CMS CMSWire: 13 Content Marketing Tools That Can Improve Your Content Marketing Processes
19 August 2013 B2C
8 August 2013 B2C Business2Community: 3 Can’t-Live-Without WordPress Plugins for Inbound Marketing Geeks
14 June 2013 CMI: Content Collaboration Tools- An Analysis of 13 Technology Solutions in a Disruptive Marketplace
19 April 2013 EL: 100 tools and applications for the Community Manager (Spanish)
17 April 2013 Jerimiah Owyang: Index – List of Content Marketing Vendors
17 April 2013 SEO Pal: Is Inbound Writer Worth Paying For?
4 April 2013 TrafficHood: How to Analyze Keywords in WordPress
April-2013 Fast Company: Recommender column (InboundWriter CEO Skip Besthoff featured on p.31 of April 2013 print issue)
24 March 2013 FeedMyApp: Find Out What Your Audience Wants You to Write About – Simply and Easily
19 March 2013 Social Media Examiner: 29 Tools to Enhance Your Business Blog
6 March 2013 Check It: Inbound Writer – What You Need to Know About the SEO Tool
March/April 2013 News & Tech Magazine (print): Tool Helps Reporters Boost Content’s Value
27 February 2013 SMRevolution: InboundWriter Helps You Optimize the Content of Your Blog (Spanish)
26 February 2013 ReplyManager: The Significance of Content Marketing
21 February 2013 WPQueen: Inbound Writer WordPress SEO Plugin Review
20 February 2013 castleford: Three Effective Content Marketing Ideas for Your Company
7 February 2013 Review of InboundWriter for Content Optimization
30 January 2013 EverythingPR: 100 Content Marketing Tools for PRs – From Content Marketing Software to Content Curation
29 January 2013 Bdaily: Content Marketing – the New ‘Black’!
18 January 2013 Econsultancy: The Million-Dollar Content Marketing Question
16 January 2013 ADOTAS: Reaction To Facebook’s New Search Feature
3 January 2013 InternetRetailer: Search Smarts
2 January 2013 Adotas: Industry Leaders Offer Predictions For 2013 (Part 5)
1 January 2013 Rescuecom Rescuecom: InboundWriter Offers Search Rank and Content Quality Improvement
January-2013 SMRevolution: Community Management Tools (Spanish)
31 December 2012 TrickBus: Online Editor InboundWriter Review
20 December 2012 / Search Engine Watch Weekly: Content Marketing Roundtable (Play podcast sound file)
14 December 2012 Left Brain Marketing: 19 Tools You Can Use to Monitor What’s Being Said About Your Business on the Web (Norwegian)
10 December 2012 Zemanta Blog: InboundWriter Joins the Pack
8 December 2012 Punch! Radio 1220am KDOW, The Wall Street Business Network: How to Create Great Content (Part 1 and Part 2)
8 December 2012 Punch! Blog: Four Ways to Implement Quality Content for a Robust Content Marketing Strategy
7 December 2012 KunoCreative: Arm Yourself with the Latest Real-time Content Marketing Tools
7 December 2012 Increase Your Blog Readers with Best Social Media Tips
6 December 2012 Lead411 Blog: InboundWriter Secures $2.5M Worth of New Funding
5 December 2012 FastCompany: Can A Pattern Recognition App Improve Your Creativity? InboundWriter Thinks So
5 December 2012 VRInteractive: InboundWriter: Cool Content Optimization Tool
19 November 2012 Fortune/CNN Money: Venture Capital Deals
19 November 2012 TechWeekEurope: Start-up Scales Search Optimisation For The Enterprise
19 November 2012 Canadian Private Equity: Eightfold Logic/InboundWriter raises $2.5 million
19 November 2012 PandoDaily: InboundWriter raises $2.5 million
16 November 2012 WSJ Blogs: The Daily Start-Up…
16 November 2012 eWeek: InboundWriter Launches Enterprise Online Content Optimization Package
16 November 2012 FinSMEs: InboundWriter Raises $2.5M
16 November 2012 Website Magazine: Rank Enterprise Content with InboundWriter
16 November 2012 PEHub: InboundWriter Adds $2.5M
15 November 2012 Dow Jones VentureWire: InboundWriter Recaps With $2.5M, Adds CEO From Castile Ventures
15 November 2012 MediaPost: InboundWriter Optimizes Search, Content Marketing
15 November 2012 CMSWire: InboundWriter Introduces Enterprise Version to Hone Online Content
15 November 2012 ADOTAS: InboundWriter Launches New ‘Enterprise’ Software Tier For Online Content Optimization
15 November 2012 PRWeek: InboundWriter Launches SEO Platform
15 November 2012 MediaBistro/PRNewswer: InboundWriter Launches New Content Optimization Software
15 November 2012 EContent Magazine: InboundWriter Launches Enterprise Tier Online Content Optimization Software
15 November 2012 VentureBeat: Funding Daily – Startups are like children
15 November 2012 SiliconValleyWIRE: San Mateo-Based InboundWriter Raises $2.5 Million, Names CEO
15 November 2012 ADOTAS: InboundWriter Names Skip Besthoff As New CEO, Adds $2.5M In Funding
15 November 2012 Internet Retailer: InboundWriter Launches Software for Online Content Optimization
15 November 2012 SiliconTap: InboundWriter Adds $2.5M
14 November 2012 Advertising Age: Startup InboundWriter Nabs New Funds to Help Media Better Seduce Search Engines
12 November 2012 Practical eCommerce: 23 Tools to Help Manage Content
09 November 2012 Business2Community: Nate Riggs Talks About His Hot Social Media Tools
02 November 2012 Three Girls Media & Marketing: Blogging Tips: Becoming a Blogger to Increase SEO
31 October 2012 InboundWriter (YouTube video)
29 October 2012 FantoMaster/ Boost Your Search Engine and Social Appeal With InboundWriter
26 October 2012 InboundWriter Review
17 October 2012 Get SEO Tips When You Need Them
29 September 2012 Content4Blogs: Optimize Your Content with InboundWriter
29 September 2012 Marketing Mechanic: Cool Web Link of The Day – InboundWriter
28 September 2012 Puro Marketing: La importancia del titular en el Marketing de contenidos
25 September 2012 PC Nexus: InboundWriter – Online Content Optimization SEO Tool
09 September 2012 CIO Magazine: Monday Grok – How Much Does Facebook Know About You?
01 September 2012 Technoverse Blog: Back to School Biz Apps – Our Favorite SMB Tools
30 August 2012 Business Insider: Boost Your Search Engine and Social Appeal With InboundWriter
29 August 2012 CMSCritic: Become a Better Writer with InboundWriter
27 August 2012 TopRank Online Marketing Blog: Secrets of Content Marketing World: Agent Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute
23 August 2012 MakeUseOf: Cool Websites and Tools
20 August 2012 AppVita: Helping Editors Create Meaningful Content
17 August 2012 Softduit Media: News Pages & Press Pages – Effective SEO & Social Promotion of your good news
15 August 2012 Content Marketing Institute: 8 Content Production Tools To Help Marketers Become Publishing Machines [Free Guide]
15 August 2012 Infografika – Obsah za hranicemi vyhledávačů
12 August 2012 The Content Marketeer: The Week in Content Marketing — Crowdsourcing, Commandments, and More
09 August 2012 MarketingTechBlog: Infographic: Content Beyond the Search Engine
17 July 2012 Highly Competitive: The Customer Journey – Content Marketing for B2B Software Buyers
12 July 2012 Sys-Con Media Blog: What’s New in HTML5
09 July 2012 MediaBistro: Tools Round Up – Cision upgrade; SourceBottle comes to North America; and more
29 June 2012 InboundWriter Adopts HTML5 for iPad Compatibility
29 June 2012 iBlog iOS: Drive Results To Your Website/Blog with InboundWriter – New to the iPad!
28 June 2012 Website Magazine: InboundWriter Now Available on Mobile Devices
28 June 2012 EContentMag: InboundWriter Available for iPad, Mobile Devices
28 June 2012 CMSWire: InboundWriter Releases New, iPad-Friendly Version of Its Content Optimization App
21 June 2012 Business Insider: Topic Buzz From InboundWriter
21 June 2012 Pad Gadget: InboundWriter Coming Soon to Your iPad
20 June 2012 The iPad Guide: InboundWriter Content Optimization Application Coming to the iPad
20 June 2012 Cult of Mac: Stunning Content Optimizer InboundWriter Coming Soon To An iPad Near You [Exclusive]
08 June 2012 LatestiPadNews: Win an iPad 3 from InboundWriter and Zemanta at BlogWorld Expo
06 June 2012 Deep3rSocialMedia: How to create optimized content with InboundWriter
15 May 2012 Chief Content Officer / Content Marketing Institute logo Content Marketing Institute / Chief Content Officer: 25+ Tools for Real-Time Marketing
14 May 2012 SeamlessSocial: Content Marketing- InboundWriter, a Free, Powerful Content Optimizer
13 May 2012 SocialMediaInsights: Top tips on SEO for your Blog
11 May 2012 MakeUseOf: InboundWriter: Easy To Use Content Optimization Service
01 May 2012 PRNewser: Tech Roundup – Find Ambiance on Hoppit; No More Chomp?
28 Apr 2012 Duct Tape Marketing Duct Tape Marketing: Weekend Favs April Twenty Eight
27 Apr 2012 MediaPost: SEO To Tap Wisdom Of Crowds
27 Apr 2012 Website Magazine: Wield the Power of Great Web Content
27 Apr 2012 CMSWire: Inbound Writer’s New Topic Buzz Module Adds Twitter Analysis
27 Apr 2012 PageTraffic Buzz: Inboundwriter Introduces New Twitter Analysis Feature To Provide Key Social Insights For Content Producers!
26 Apr 2012 Internet Retailer Internet Retailer: InboundWriter Introduces a Twitter Analysis Feature
26 Apr 2012 Marketing Tech Blog: InboundWriter: A Real-Time Writing Tool to Keep You Relevant
23 Apr 2012 Mother Jones: The Illusion of Free Will, Google Version
23 Apr 2012 The Daily Beast: Googleable Writing
22 Apr 2012 InboundWriter – A Productivity Tool for Bloggers
20 Apr 2012 MediaVision: InboundWriter Highlights How Content Writing on the Internet Has Changed
20 Apr 2012 CodeMyOwnRoad: InboundWriter Review — Professional Web Based Writing Tool
19 Apr 2012 Computer Help in Search Engine Optimization (article in German)
18 Apr 2012 Creative Writing — An In depth review of InboundWriter
17 Apr 2012 AntyWeb: How to Make Google Love Your Text (article in Polish)
17 Apr 2012 That Girl Crystal That Girl Crystal: Test Drive — InboundWriter
16 Apr 2012 iO9: Futurism — How SEO software is changing the way we read & write
16 Apr 2012 PC World, Hungary: Free SEO for Everyone! (article in Hungarian)
15 Apr 2012 Ars Technica: I am SEO and so can you: tool helps tweak content for search, Twitter
11 Apr 2012 AfterMarketer Club: Tools We Recommend – Inbound Writer
8 Apr 2012 My Local Business Online: SEO Copywriting – Where Do I Put My Keywords?
6 Apr 2012 Fashion PR Fridays: Fashion, Marketing & Social Media Links
26 Mar 2012 ClickZ: The Tabloid Paradigm and Beyond
27 Mar 2012 HomeBusinessIdeas: Keywords Make Blog Content Explode
25 Mar 2012 Lost In Technology: InboundWriter Review — A Tool to Help You Optimize Your Content
25 Mar 2012 ProBlogger: Tips from the Trenches — Best Blogger Productivity Tools
19 Mar 2012 Technoverse Blog: InboundWriter — SEO for Small Biz and Other Content Creators
14 Mar 2012 Convince & Convert: 6 Must-Have Social Plugins for Your WordPress Blog
9 Jan 2012 Content Marketing Institute: A New Breed? 7 Roles of the Content Marketing “Engineer”
7 Dec 2011 SearchEngineWatch: New InboundWriter Feature Helps Google AdSense Publishers Optimize to CPC
2 Dec 2011 Mashable: Top 10 Tips for Better Content Marketing
29 Nov 2011 Contently: 10 Tools For Converting Your Blog’s New Visitors Into Fans
11 Nov 2011 PC Magazine: InboundWriter review (4 stars)
18 Oct 2011 SocialMediaExplorer: InboundWriter Offers Nifty Copywriting For SEO Help
18 Oct 2011 ADOTAS: InboundWriter Displays the Power of Real-Time Content Optimization
11 Oct 2011 CMSWire: Can a Social Writing Application Optimize Web Content?
11 Oct 2011 Convince & Convert: The Science and Results of Real-Time Content Optimization
6 Oct 2011 SmallBusinessComputing: Top 5 SEO and Social Media Tools for Creating Web Content
4 Aug 2011 MarketPlaceEarth: InboundWriter Explanatory Video
29 Jul 2011 BizFilings: Fantastic Free Cloud Apps, Part 7 — InboundWriter
26 Jul 2011 Convince & Convert: Calculate Your Blogging ROI in 9 Steps
15 Jul 2011 MakeUseOf: Optimise Your Article Content For SEO & Social Media As You Write
27 Jun 2011 PSPrint: 5 New Marketing Products You Don’t Want To Miss
21 Jun 2011 Webification InboundWriter: new cloud-based social writing application
18 Jun 2011 Integrati Marketing Blog: Writing great content with help from InboundWriter
8 Jun 2011 SearchEngineWatch: InboundWriter Review — Content Optimization Made Easy
2 Jun 2011 Useful Tools: InboundWriter — Your Online Writing Coach
1 Jun 2011 BtoB: Social gems — More new tools for managing social marketing
31 May 2011 Information Week: Will InboundWriter make me a better blogger?
28 May 2011 eCommerce Times: Optimize Your Web Content As You Type With InboundWriter
27 May 2011 ReadWriteWeb: Optimize Your Web Content As You Type With InboundWriter
24 May 2011 Chcs Blog: InboundWriter Offers Tools for Improving Web Content
23 May 2011 TechCrunch: Eightfold Logic Launches InboundWriter, A Social Writing App, And Raises $2 Million