Trugreen Reviews The Best Way To Grow Grass In the Shade

Trugreen Reviews The Best Way To Grow Grass In the Shade

Trugreen is a long hair company that covers the Knoxville and Atlanta area.  They have received a lot of happy testimonials on websites such as glassdoor, indeed, consumer affairs, and yelp. In each review, it seems their customers appreciate them for their educative services. Indeed, people always feel like they come away from a conversation or job with Trugreen with a greater understanding of Mother Nature. Here, Trugreen reviews how to grow grass in the shade, something that many people long thought was impossible.

Trugreen Reviews Growing Grass in the Shade

In order to grow grass in the shade, you must first pick a lawn seed that does not require a lot of direct sunlight. Fescue is a really good example, although there are other types of grasses as well. It is particularly important that you apply the seed the right way and that you treat it correctly as well. Grass in shaded areas requires different care and attention to grass in lit areas.

You also have to make sure that the grass is properly mowed. It show be consistent and appropriate to its type. If you are unsure how long the blades of your particular type of grass should be, then you can generally find this information online with ease. Alternatively, you can contact Trugreen and ask them for assistance.

Next, your law should be watered very deeply and if there are any trees in the vicinity, you at want to prune them down. The reality is that grass prefers sunlight and that all plants require exposure to the sun in order to survive, so the more light you can get on it, the better.

If you have had grass in a shaded area for some time, but it suddenly starts to go thinner or brown, then it is unlikely that the cause is the shade. If this happens, therefore, you should consider contacting Trugreen who can take a look at what may be the problem. It could be something as simple as debris from the foliage above smothering the grass, but it could also be something more complex such as a disease or a pest.

One final consideration to make is whether you can mix different grass seeds at the same time. By combining different grasses in a shaded area, there is a chance that some hybridization may occur, developing plants that do not require as much sunlight, simply because they know no better. This doesn’t always work, however, so it is once again best to ask the professionals to give you some advice on which seeds are best to mix in your geographical area.

Last but not least, you must be very careful with using weed killer in shaded areas. Firstly, you should have no need for it, since weeds do not generally grow in the shade as they prefer lit areas. Secondly, if you were to add a chemical killer to an area where it is already hard for the grass to grow, you will make it even more difficult for it to survive.

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