You Can Complain about Your Food without Being Rude

You Can Complain about Your Food without Being Rude

Even the best restaurants out there slip up now and then. They try their best to provide the best services to their guests, but there are times when they fail. They could serve you the wrong dish. They might also take too long before putting food on the table. The waiting staff might start getting tired at some point because of their working hours and the number of people they need to serve.

Therefore, if you experience issues when you are dining in a restaurant, you need to complain, but politely. These are tips to help you raise your complaints without being rude.

Speak up right away

To ensure that the staff will process your complaints, you need to do it as soon as possible. You can’t complain that you got the wrong order when you are already halfway through it. You might as well finish it since you liked it anyway.

Pick your battles

Some issues are too small that you might brush them off. If you get an order that is not what you expected, you don’t need to complain. As long as you can still eat what you received, it is okay.

Be polite

When complaining, you don’t need to scream or use an angry tone. You can still use gracious words when talking to the staff and try your best to contain your emotions. If the waiting staff seems not to understand your point, you can ask the manager to come over. You are dealing with people who have feelings like you. Scolding them or making them feel stupid will have a lasting impact on them.

Be patient

If your order has not come after a few minutes, you could catch the attention of the waiting staff. You will then receive an update regarding your order. You need to wait for as long as they indicated before calling their attention again if you still have not received anything.

Check your bill well

There could also be issues with the bill you receive at the end. If you returned a dish, it should not appear on the bill. Otherwise, you need to inform the staff about it, so they can take it off. You can talk to them politely and remind them that there was a mistake. If it is correct, they will act on it right away.

Accept that mistakes happen

You want to have a good time while dining in a restaurant. Don’t allow a small error to prevent you from having fun. You need to accept that not all the waiters and restaurant staff are perfect. They work for several hours, and some of them are still new to the job. You need to be understanding and focus on the right part of the experience.

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