InboundWriter Drives Results!

Writers want an audience. Marketers want traffic and engagement. InboundWriter delivers both in a way which is not process-heavy, overbearing, or mechanical. InboundWriter fits seamlessly into your existing workflow and takes the guesswork and time-consuming, manual labor out of your daily content optimization.

Go beyond SEO

Go Beyond SEO

InboundWriter is the first solution specifically designed for content optimization. Content optimization is the art and science of developing the best possible content for online reach, engagement and conversion. This new way of approaching content creation for not just search engine optimization but also relevancy and conversion creates a more holistic approach to your customer’s online and content marketing goals.

Grow your audience

Grow Your Audience

Content optimization is more than just populating the page with a bunch of keywords, it means using the words and phrases your customers use but still creating readable and engaging material for your audience. The InboundWriter application delivers vital insights from a variety of sources, including social media networks and hundreds of other sources across the web. These vital insights during the writing process ensure the quality of the content as it was intended by the writer for the optimal balance between content integrity and content optimization.

Content Strategy

Support Your Content Strategy

InboundWriter is designed for writers, marketers and editors alike to perform content optimization while content is created, resulting in improved approval cycles and adherence to content strategy. The application empowers content creators to write more strategically, both in word choice and in structure. Plus with real-time content scoring you can grade your progress as you write. Rely on InboundWriter to keep up with content optimization best practices so you can focus on your content strategy.