According to Trugreen Complaints about Weeds Can Be Resolved by Starting Lawn Care Now

According to Trugreen Complaints about Weeds Can Be Resolved by Starting Lawn Care Now

It is likely that, if you love your garden, you will have wondered about when you should start to apply your pre-emergent weed killer for a few months now. With spring now almost upon us, the time seems to be right for it. However, it is important that you know what you are doing. Figure that out and, according to Trugreen complaints about weed issues can completely be resolved.

For Trugreen Complaints about Weeds Can Be Resolved with These Steps

Step 1 – Scalp the lawn

Whether you live in Knoxville, in Atlanta, or in Los Angeles, you have to scalp your lawn first. This means mowing it just slightly shorter than you normally would. This will get all the brown blades away, encouraging greenery to come back. If you are in a particularly dry area, you need to wear protective gear to do this, because the dust can be a breathing and eye irritant. Check out a review or two about which protective gear is best for you. The clippings can be reused around your perennials or composted.

Step 2 – Use the pre-emergents

A scalped lawn gives you full access to the ground. This means that you can get your pre-emergent granules down to where it matters: where the seedlings are sprouting. Indeed, killing them before they grow is the best way to stop them once and for all. However, timing is of the essence. The earliest you can do this in a place like Atlanta is March 5th, and the latest is March 15th. You can then give a second shot 100 days later, between June 5th and June 15th. Check Consumer Affairs to find the brand that offers the best protection in your area.

Types of Pre-Emergents

What few people realize is that not all pre-emergents are created equally. You need to know exactly what kind of weeds you suffer from to know which one to use, and to know whether you need to apply more, and of a different type, in August and towards the end of September. A good company like Trugreen will be able to advise you on this. Should you live in a region they do not cover, check Yelp or Grassdoor to find a company in your area that is equally respected.

What about Weed to Feed?

When spring approaches, there is generally a lot of information about “weed to feed” or “weed and feed” products. Essentially, those products are designed to both kill the weeds and provide your lawn with good nutrients. If you have an overall healthy lawn, and the weed to feed product you have seen is suitable for your particular environment, then those are fine. If, however, your lawn has had a particularly bad weed problem or if you live in an environment with climate extremes, then these products simply will not do enough. While they do both, they don’t them as well and you may find that it is simply not enough.

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