Holiday Keywords: Winter Holidays Edition

Winter Holidays, Snowman

December is a time of joy and celebration for people all around the world and the seasonal marketing doesn’t stop when you walk out of the mall — online content marketers have caught on, too.  From wintry images to seasonal language and holiday jargon, the holiday season is in full swing for marketers! No matter which winter holidays you’re celebrating, it’s nearly impossible to surf the web without being inundated with holiday messages.

So with all the winter holiday noise floating around the Internet, how can you make your content stand out? Here are top keywords and phrases to focus on as rated by InboundWriter to help make your holiday content delightful:

Holidays  (5 Stars)
Jewish Holidays (5 Stars)
Kwanzaa (5 Stars)
Seasons Greetings (5 Stars)
Merry Christmas (5 Stars)
Chanukah (5 Stars)
New Years Eve (5 Stars)
Festivus (5 Stars)
Tis the Season (4.5 Stars)
Celebration (4 Stars)

As you edit and finalize your winter holiday posts, keep this phrasing in mind and make sure you’re optimizing your content to get the most out of your content marketing strategy. Or you can always run your piece through InboundWriter — it’s free to sign up.

Good luck with your holiday posts and we wish you safe and happy holidays!

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