Happy Halloween

Holiday Keywords: Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween

Halloween, also known as All Hallows Eve, is the spookiest holiday of the year! Although tradition has changed since this holiday’s origination with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off lingering ghosts before the start of their new year, Halloween is still alive and well! Today, people all around the world celebrate on the night of October 31 with activities like trick-or-treating (candy corn, anyone?), costume parties, pumpkin carving, visiting scary haunted houses and watching horror movies.

Because Halloween appeals to a wide audience — bringing out the ghosts and goblins in people of all ages, markets and countries — it’s also one of the most exciting holidays for content marketers. Seasonal marketing is a fun way to spice up your usual content, product or service, but with hundreds of websites trying similar spooktacular tactics, making sure your content emphasizes effective keywords is the best way to attract and keep your readers’ attention.

So which keywords should you focus on this Halloween? According to InboundWriter here are some top phrases and terms to include in your holiday content:

Halloween (5 stars)
Candy corn (5 stars)
Candy bars (5 stars)
Pumpkin carving (5 stars)
Haunted house (5 stars)
Horror movies (5 stars)

As you edit and finalize your Halloween posts, keep this phrasing in mind and make sure you’re using the right keywords that advance your content marketing strategy. Or you can always run your piece through InboundWriter — it’s free to sign up.

Good luck with your holiday posts and from all of us at InboundWriter, we wish you a scary, safe and Happy Halloween!

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