Understand Your Readers

Get To Know Your Audience

Do you want to get inside the minds of your readers to understand what interests then in the here and now? With InboundWriter, you can. Discover the specific words and phrases your target audience uses when searching for a specific topic on search engines, or sharing via social media channels. Tap into search and social intelligence to ensure your content will be easily discovered and well-received. That’s where InboundWriter for content optimization comes in.



Tap Into the ConversationTap Into The Conversation

The application will help you discover the words your readers are using when searching for and sharing content with others throughout the web and social channels right now. InboundWriter scours all business-generated and user-generated content online — including blogs, product reviews, message boards, and sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, Amazon, and Technorati – to determine the popularity of the words and phrases directly relevant to the topics you are writing about.


Keyword Research for Content Optimization by InboundWriter

Discover Compelling Words

By leveraging InboundWriter for topic research, you will easily uncover an expansive list of the keywords and phrases your target audience uses today. You can extract the most relevant terms for your topic to improve your content’s chances of being found or shared. Based on real-time research results, InboundWriter recommends the words and phrases that will increase your content popularity and competitiveness within search engines and social networks around each specified topic.


Uncover Social Trends

Searching for timely topics that will interest your readers today? Look no more. InboundWriter’s trending topics help you put your finger on the pulse of your target audience, as well as your competitors, by bringing you the latest on what people are searching for and discussing on the social web. Use these insights to create content that speaks directly to your key customers and influencers. Start creating content with InboundWriter that will grow your social following and influence.


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