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InboundWriter’s content optimization application acts like an online writing coach that delivers real-time search and social intelligence to help writers develop online content that is not only easier to find but also drives reader engagement and conversion. Experiment with different words and phrases directly within your content creation workflow. Get real-time feedback and recommendations on writing strategies that will make your content more relevant for your readers and more discoverable online.


InboundWriter for Content Strategy Set Your Content Strategy

Success is not just about getting more readers, but the right readers. Are you trying to optimize your content for social popularity? Or are you trying improve your visibility for search engines? Do you have specific competition you would like to avoid? With InboundWriter’s application for content optimization, you can balance the business factors that drive your content plans, whether they are about search engines and social media popularity or competitive strategy. The InboundWriter Content Strategy Selector helps you define your content optimization strategy to increase search engine visibility or social media sharability, while avoiding highly competitive situations.


Real-time Content Optimization Coaching

Get Real-Time Coaching

InboundWriter gives you content optimization guidance by incorporating specific keywords into your writing. Are you not using your keywords often enough in your document? Are they not included early enough in the body copy? Perhaps you are using too many keywords, making your document appear “spammy”? With InboundWriter you will receive relevant writing “do’s and don’ts” to help improve your content popularity as you write – providing you immediate guidance on the strategy and science of online content optimization.


InboundWriter Keyword ResearchTarget Your Readers’ Education Level

Is your content intended for college graduates or readers with a high-school education? Once you select your readers’ education level, InboundWriter will recommend words and provide writing tips to ensure your content is right in line with the educational comfort zone of your target audience.

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