Create and Monitor Your Topics

InboundWriter is a one-of-a-kind content optimization application for writers and online marketers. It lets you create and manage all your content securely within the comfort of your workflow and from the freedom of any browser, with real-time access to search and social media intelligence about your target audience.

Explore Social Media Chatter

InboundWriter gives you the power to explore social media channels to uncover what your audience is sharing and discussing on the social web. It will help you identify popular topics, extract relevant chatter and discover timely articles to help you create content that speaks directly to your readers for optimal content optimization. You can use the application monitor topics for ongoing trends and spikes to help you stay on top of what interests your readers in the here and now.

InboundWriter content optimization for writersIdentify Key Influencers

InboundWriter’s Topic Buzz feature helps you identify the most influential writers in social media related to your selected topic to help you better gauge the people, specific topics and writing styles that engage your target audience. These vital insights can help you use the words your customers use to fuel your content optimization efforts.

InboundWriter Keyword Research Tool for Writers

Discover Relevant Content

InboundWriter automates topic and keyword research by quickly tapping into content from hundreds of similar sites across the web, including social media. The application helps you identify key chatter and relevant articles for each piece of content. Now you can quickly glean new insights on what engages your target audience, use the articles as references, or even link to them further increase your relevance and boost content optimization.