Blend the art and science of content creation

InboundWriter is a one-of-a-kind content optimization application for writers and online marketers. It lets you create and manage all your content securely within the comfort of your workflow and from the freedom of any browser, with real-time access to search and social media intelligence about your target audience.

Research your Topics

Research and Obtain Insights

The InboundWriter application for content optimization helps you identify popular topics from social media networks and performs automated keyword research. The application extracts key chatter, articles, influencers and content marketing opportunities across hundreds of sources on the web, including social media. Now with one tool you can monitor topics for ongoing trends to help keep your content strategy on target.

InboundWriter for Content Optimization and Keyword Research

Create and Optimize Content

The application’s built-in topic and keyword research features automatically identify the keywords and phrases with the most impact based on your selected content marketing strategy. Think of it as your own writing coach, helping you follow content optimization best practices through an easy to use tool and helpful tips for word choices, content structure and other criteria. It will even rate your effectiveness as you write with real-time content scoring. Best of all it fits within common editorial workflows, there is no technology involvement required.

Fuel your content marketing strategyFuel Your Content Marketing Strategy

InboundWriter discovers relevant content marketing opportunities through easy access to keyword research and relevant social media data such as Twitter chatter, influencers and hashtags for each piece of content.  Now writers and bloggers can leverage real time search and social media intelligence to easily create or improve online content that is both more discoverable and more engaging, and even optimize directly within the most popular content management system (CMS), WordPress.

InboundWriter Cloud Based Content Optimization App for Writers
Content Optimization In The Cloud

The InboundWriter application for content optimization is an easy to use cloud-based solution enabling you to securely access and manage all of your content from any web browser. With InboundWriter, you can now manage and write compelling content and access automated keyword research anytime, anywhere. The cloud-based offering also includes daily back-ups of all your documents, giving you one less thing to worry about. And making your content optimization and content marketing strategy implementation seamless.

Streamline your workflowsGain Alignment and Streamline Your Workflows

The InboundWriter application was designed to reduce the typical back and forth between content creators and content optimization teams. By empowering your content creators to optimize content with relevant topic and keyword research as content is created, you can bring out the best in your team by giving them the tool they need to succeed as one. Content approval cycles can be reduced and a balance achieved between content integrity and content optimization. Plus, your team will find more time to focus on strategy and technical aspects of distribution.