Customer Stories: How Improved Web Traffic by 3.5x in Four Months, Thanks to InboundWriter

The Challenge:

In late 2012,, a popular information and review website for video camera users, turned to InboundWriter for a boost in visibility. The site was already well-established but having heard of InboundWriter’s “magic touch”, the site’s management wanted to explore InboundWriter to maximize their content’s searchability.  Before broadly adopting InboundWriter, management wanted to test how the solution would work.

The Test:

To confirm InboundWriter’s effectiveness in augmenting web traffic via content optimization / quality improvement, the InboundWriter team set out to do a proper, statistical test.  We selected 32 articles from, all of which were a similar length, age, subject matter and were roughly in the same area of the website. Half of these articles served as a control group (Group A), meaning that we did not alter any of this content but simply observed the metrics to ensure that no outside influences were skewing the results. The second half of the articles comprised our test group (Group B) and were revised using recommendations and coaching of the InboundWriter automated platform. Each of the revised pieces was reworked to achieve an InboundWriter ‘green’ score of 80+ (out of 100).

For the first two months of the test (December 2012 and January 2013), we simply observed the web traffic for all 32 articles in order to establish seasonality and traffic patterns. Then, after this two-month period, we published the 16 articles from Group B, which were all optimized through InboundWriter.

The Results:

Immediately after publishing the 16 optimized articles from Group B, web traffic to those pages began to climb. Within 3 weeks, this content was receiving 40% more visits pageviews than before.  After 3 months, web traffic had tripled, and after 4 months, web traffic was more than 3.5 times higher than the baseline. Meanwhile, pageviews to the content in Group A experienced relatively little change.

The Takeaways:

As the test above shows, even a modest amount of work in refreshing content can bring dramatic improvement to a company’s online visibility, which directly translates into increased pageviews and, in this case, revenues.  Beyond just improving existing content, InboundWriter can drive substantial improvement to new content as well, even allowing writers to understand how their content will perform before they put pen to paper.

Want to test InboundWriter for yourself?  Send us an email at info [at] and we can get you started.

2 thoughts on “Customer Stories: How Improved Web Traffic by 3.5x in Four Months, Thanks to InboundWriter

  1. Kyamil

    This is very effective.
    I have tried different sources for traffic generation and according to my test they seem as follows:
    1. Connection to Google search engine.
    2. Making the content entertaining.
    3. Visual aids.
    4. Videos.
    5. Favicons used as a logo, like in
    6. Posting information in social web sites like Yahoo answers, Facebook forums etc. or other websites related to yours.
    7. Techniques of contrast, perspective and colours for the design appropriate to the meaning of the subjects.
    8. “Frequently asked questions” section.
    9. “Contact us” section.
    Professional web sites for traffic generation like the mentioned above could help much more, but these tips are the first steps.


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