Why Developing The Right Voice for Your Content is Essential

As a writer, you are trying to draw in an audience. You probably know that the content you choose is important, but the voice you use in your writing is absolutely essential in reaching your target audience. With the right voice, you’ll attract those target readers and keep them coming back for more.Target Audience

What’s My Voice?

Many writers refer to their writing style as their voice –it’s the way your words sound to your readers. Perhaps what you write is meant to be perceived as serious or informational in tone or maybe you’re going for a fun and lighthearted atmosphere. In order to evaluate your current voice, you might want to review your past posts and ask colleagues, friends or family members to do the same and offer their observations. You can also look at web content that has similar goals to yours to get an idea of the author’s voice. The more you read, the better you will be at identifying a writer’s voice and the style choices that the writer tends to make. Remember that reading high-quality content on a regular basis will enhance your writing savvy.

Why Your Voice Matters to Your Target Audience

When readers visit your website or blog, one of the first things they will notice is your overall tone. In general, your target audience will enjoy reading material that is written in a certain voice. If you are offering financial advice and retirement planning tools, you should have an authoritative, no-nonsense voice. However, if you are writing about tech gadgets, for example, you may want to opt for a more playful tone that would resonate with your target consumer readers.

Some sites require a  casual voice. A home improvement or crafting blog requires a knowledgeable but fun voice. You want to communicate key information to your readers in a clear fashion, but you also want them to enjoy what they’re reading. Your voice can build enthusiasm on the part of your readers.

Many readers believe that your voice is more important than the overall design of your site. Be sure that you understand that fancy design can’t make up for poor writing. As you develop your voice, you will be able to bring the overall design aesthetic of your content hub in line with your writing. Writing Voice

Developing Your Voice

Understanding that your voice can attract your target audience is the first step towards developing great content. You must work on developing your voice. Thinking through the following areas of your writing is a great way to develop and refine your voice:

1. Choose your words wisely. You should pay attention to your vocabulary while developing your content. Are you using too many technical terms? Do you use the same words over and over again? Be sure that you are using terms your target audience understands. Vary your word choice to keep your posts interesting.

2. Write short, easy-to-understand sentences. It’s important to vary your sentence length and structure. However, you should focus on presenting the most important information in short, easy-to-understand sentences. Readers will be drawn to this information. They will understand your point right away.

3. Build your content with an introduction, body and conclusion. Content that meanders aimlessly is frustrating to readers. You will be unable to attract and retain an audience if you don’t give some structure to your post. Write a clear introduction and conclusion. Make sure that your body text is filled with useful, engaging information that corresponds to your introduction and conclusion.

Do you have any other tips for how to identify the optimal voice for your content? Comment below…

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2 thoughts on “Why Developing The Right Voice for Your Content is Essential

  1. Linda Waldon

    Great article!

    When I am beginning a writing project for my clients, I gather as much information about the target audience as possible, so that I can create a compelling message. I start by identifying the “personas” who represent my audience, and I write a story about each of them, identifying their hopes, dreams, fears, and worries. You’d be amazed at how much this helps you get into their heads! It really works!

  2. SubmitShop UK

    Nice post. I totally agree with you with the point that when readers visit your website or blog, one of the first things they will notice is your overall tone. I think the most important thing in your blog is your blog content. It should be quality content.


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