Is Your Brand Creating Believable Content?

Online consumers aren’t dumb. They’re well-versed in the world of online communications and know a sales pitch when they read one. Today’s audiences don’t want to be bombarded with marketing messages, they want to connect with brands who share valuable information, present an unbiased (well, as unbiased as marketing copy can be) presentation of what they’re offering and most importantly — they want brands that are believable! Image Source: Flickr user thetaxhaven

As more and more businesses begin to transition from traditional marketing schemes to more engaging content marketing practices, trust plays a big role in which brands consumers interact with and which ones are left flat-lining. Here are a few tips on how create believable content and build trust with your customers…

Be Authentic. Your brand’s image is no longer a product of catchy taglines or gimmicky marketing messages. It’s reliant on delivering a genuine experience to your consumers. Develop a voice that works for your brand and be transparent — your readers will know when you’re telling a fib!

Employee branding. Highlighting the positive connection between your company and its employees is a great way to make your brand and content more believable. Sharing real employee stories and posting photos from company outings and culture-building events on your blog, as well as having your employees share via their own social channels, are all ways to position your employees as brand champions.

Collaboration. Audiences today expect brands to share curated, created and aggregated content. So how can you make this happen? Third party sources! Collaborating with industry publications, thought leaders, research firms and guest bloggers, as well as inviting members of other in-house departments to share their successes and projects on your site, are all effective ways to add new views and voices to your content.

Customer stories. More than 80% of people say that opinions and recommendations from people they don’t know indicate brand quality and influence what they buy — that’s a great reason to include customer stories in your content marketing strategy. Connect with a customer who has had a positive experience with your brand and draft a case study, your readers will appreciate the insights!

Creating believable, valuable content will help your brand earn the trust of its audience and potential customers. Be sure to keep these tips in mind for your next piece of content and when you draft next month’s editorial calendar! Do you have any tips on creating believable and content? Share your content marketing ideas with us here in the comments or by posting on our social sites — TwitterFacebookLinkedInGoogle+.

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