InboundWriter Publishes New Infographic: Content Beyond the Search Engine

Infographics are the hottest trend in content marketing right now, so as content marketing experts we decided it was time to make our own, titled: Content Beyond the Search Engine.

Get ready to learn the ins and outs of content optimization and gain a deeper understanding of some of the dynamics around search, social and content marketing strategies. This is the first infographic we’ve created from scratch, so we’re as happy as a squirrel in an oak tree to share it with you!

So, what did you think? Please comment your thoughts and questions below or find us on our social channels — TwitterFacebookLinkedInGoogle+.  We’d love your feedback!

4 thoughts on “InboundWriter Publishes New Infographic: Content Beyond the Search Engine

  1. Carrie

    Did you forget to include actual info for section: “what piques our interest online”?If not, those seem like very odd search terms and there are no actual stats for twitter…

  2. Mary Lou Joseph

    It seems to me most of these stats are based on consumer behavior. Do you have stats strictly for B2B? What means are executives using to search for content on technologies, industry trends, etc.? Does a business executive really go to twitter to conduct a search?

    1. jay

      Unfortunately, it’s much harder to find data segmented in that way. Most of the information comes from anonymized data where b2c or b2b isn’t known.


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