How to Uncover Key Customer Questions

As professionals completely immersed in our industries day after day, it’s easy to forget that our customers may not have access to the same insights and information we do. This leaves us creating content that overlooks everyday questions about our products and services! However, thanks to the magic of the interwebs, there are ways to tap into our consumers’ heads and uncover key customer questions they may have about our industries, businesses, products and services.Image Source: Flickr user Colin_K

Knowing what information customers are looking for is key to creating unique, valuable content that resonates with readers. Here’s how to find the questions they really want to ask…

Social Networks 

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. aren’t just for posting branded photos and sharing new blog content, they’re also platforms for interacting with your customers! Encourage your fans and followers to post questions or try asking a few of your own. Use the feedback to draft articles and other value-added collateral such as whitepapers, Slideshares, infographics and video!

Product Reviews 

Ever wonder what problems your users are really having with your product or service? Go to a third-party review site and the answers will be crystal clear. Search the web for both professional and user reviews and address their complaints in a “how-to” post. On the flip side, any praise or rave reviews can be repurposed into customer stories and case studies, which are also great tools for retaining and acquiring customers!

Support Team

Customer service is one the first places irate and confused consumers turn to when they’re experiencing issues with your product or service. Because it’s the first line of defense, your support team is a great resource for uncovering major user pain points. Ask your customer service or support team lead to list the top 10 complaints they’ve received over the past 6 months. Answer these pain points in a series of blog posts and be sure to share the results with your team.


Quora is a question-and-answer website created, edited and organized by its user community. There are no limits to what topics are covered and it’s easy to sign up. Not only can you find threads related to your brand by searching for your business name, industry keywords and anything else that may be related to your products and services, but you can also answer questions right on the site! Resolving issues and providing insider information will show the community you’re engaged and will position you as a thought leader.

Surveys, Polls and Questionnaires 

Asking your readers to answer specific questions through online surveys, polls and questionnaires is an effective and straightforward way to garner customer feedback. These are easy to use on your blog, social media, and in your customer emails. Create a list of questions and be sure to provide answer options when appropriate — this will encourage users to answer questions because it might seem easier than writing comments. Asking tough questions can be tricky and you may not like the answers, but keeping this feedback private will let you determine what you share with your audience and will give you real insights into what your customers are thinking! 

Bottom line? Don’t be afraid to take advantage of all your resources — they’ll help you produce more relatable, engaging content and your customers will thank you for it in the form of increased ROI, leads and readership! Do you have more ideas on how to uncover key customer questions? Share your content marketing tips with us and other content marketing professionals by posting here in the comments or on our social networks — TwitterFacebook,LinkedInGoogle+.

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