How to Crowdsource Your Customer Base for Content Ideas

Is your editorial calendar looking redundant or are you at a loss for your next blog post topic? Well the truth is, you’re not alone! In fact, half of all B2C and B2B content marketers report that developing unique and valuable content is one of their greatest struggles. So how can you get the creative juices flowing? Crowdsource your customer base!
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Tapping into your customer base not only opens the doors to fresh ideas, but reporting on the issues, topics and questions they have about your product or service shows you care about their needs and situates your brand in a customer-centric light.

Use these tips for crowdsourcing your customer base to outfit your editorial calendar with killer content that resonates and captivates your readers: 

Case Studies

A case study is essentially an in-depth review of a customer’s experience with your brand, product or service, so choosing your subject is important! Ask your sales or customer support team to put you in touch with a customer that is not only happy with your business, but who has also experienced great success because of your business! To write a compelling case study, be sure to tell a story, give the details and solve a problem.


Do you have self-proclaimed brand ambassadors or customers who just can’t stop raving about your business in your blog comments or on your social media sites? Has a user written an unsolicited beaming review on your product or service? Highlight their feedback in a blog post or ask them write a testimonial sharing their positive experience with your brand. Don’t let those brand champions go unnoticed!


Ask your users to send in videos highlighting why they love your product or service. Request that videos answer a specific question, like “How did we help you ___?” — direct response requires a direct request! Depending on the feedback, pick a few of your favorites or share them all. Your customers will be excited to see themselves published on your blog (and social sites!) and adding new media to your content marketing plan not only attracts new readers, it also helps keep current audiences engaged. You might also want to add an incentive, such as a $5-10 gift card or store credit.

User-Generated Content

Do you have fan art on your brand’s Facebook page? Use it as the focus of your next article. Do your customers tag your brand in Instagram photos? Assemble them into an image-based article. Is your brand’s Twitter stream flooded with positive tweets? Compile a list of tweets that highlight your brand’s positive impact on it’s consumers for a blog post. Social is a top trend in content marketing this year and customers expect you to engage on these networks — don’t be afraid to utilize all your resources!

Surveys, Polls and Questionnaires 

Ever wonder what your customers think about your business or a specific industry-related topic? Well, why don’t you ask them! Surveys, polls and questionnaires are a great way to get your questions answered, as well as a direct way to learn more about your customers’ needs and wants. Next time you post an article, incorporate a poll, survey or questionnaire to get an inside view on what your customers are thinking.

Creating engaging content doesn’t have to be hard, especially when take advantage of one of your most valuable assets — your customer base! Plus, as an added bonus to your crowdsourcing efforts, once you have user feedback you can repurpose it into original branded content like blog posts, digital newsletters, videos, images and slideshares. The content ideas are endless!

Have more ideas on how to crowdsource for content ideas? Post your thoughts in the comments below or share on your favorite social media site – TwitterFacebookLinkedIn or Google+.

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