Ways to Make Your Content More Interesting

3 Tips to Make Your Content More Interesting

Today’s audiences are more empowered than ever to make decisions on what content they read online and more importantly, what they don’t. When it comes to branded content, consumers no longer respond to “Buy Nows!” and “Click Heres!”, they demand quality, valuable articles — they want to read something interesting! Image Source: Flickr user andresfranco.net

In the interwebs where bad content outweighs the good, content marketers need to get creative in order to break through the noise. The simple truth is, it’s all about creating content that will engage, not bore, your readers. Here are 3 tips on how to make your content more interesting…

1. Share the Inside Scoop

Everyone loves a secret, so give your readers the rush of exclusivity by sharing news or information they can’t get anywhere else. Write a “behind the scenes” piece (and include photos!) on your latest product release, give the details on how your business chose its logo and colors or get creative and share why BBQ Thursday is now a weekly tradition at the office.

A good way to brainstorm topics is to compile a list of any questions that you might have had about the business when you first started. Share something unexpected and your customers will react!

2. Find a Relatable Angle

No one wants to read an article or blog post that they can’t relate to (even if it is informative!), so finding a common ground with your audience is a top priority. However, because it’s nearly impossible to relate personally with all of your readers, go for a broader approach and include references to trendy topics and current events — just remember who your target audience is.

If you’re at a loss for a relatable current event or trending topic, go to where your audience hangs out — social media! Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn are where your readers interact with their colleagues, friends and family. This is where you’ll find real interests they can relate to.

3. Write Like You Talk

Some would argue that writing like you talk is bad practice for marketers and well, maybe it is if you insert all the “ums”, “likes” and colloquialisms that tend to come out of our mouths. But when we say write like you talk, we don’t mean write poorly, we mean don’t spend hours trying to craft that perfect headline and opening sentence or using the biggest words you can find when smaller, simpler words would do just fine.

When writing your next piece, pretend you’re having a conversation. Use everyday language, include questions, argumentative points and close with a winning statement. 

Audiences are more actively engaged (aka more likely to read and share content) with brands who position themselves as smart, helpful, accessible, interesting and most importantly — human!  So sit back, put yourself in the reader’s’ shoes and enjoy writing… after all, it is your craft! 

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    A very good approach to brainstorm subjects is to compile a list of any inquiries that you could have had regarding the organization once you first begin. Share something unexpected and your buyers will react!


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