About Us

Our mission is simple: to help people create better content.

Everyone has had the lonely and frustrating experience of staring at a blank screen. Making successful content that both reads well and drives traffic is really hard. It normally doesn’t work.

We remove the guesswork from content creation. We tell you how your content will perform before you write it and guide you to topic ideas where you can succeed. No more blank screens, guesswork and wondering why your blogs and articles get no traffic.

This is an entirely new approach to content creation. We call it ‘predictive analytics for content’. We do this by leveraging data and statistical models in unique and sophisticated ways. We stand alone in our ability to do what we do.

The results speak for themselves. Our customers experience multi-fold increases in traffic while avoiding significant wasted efforts. We work with leading enterprises, publishers and digital agencies, and are supported by prominent angel and venture investors.

Our Team

We like data. We live and breath it so you don’t have to. Our team is comprised of
data scientists, semantic processing experts, software engineers and people who love working with customers and driving successful outcomes.

Interested in joining? If you like having fun, working hard and the challenge of plowing new earth, you would enjoy working with us. Drop us a line. We’re always looking for great people.

Leadership Team

Skip Besthoff, InboundWriter CEO Skip Besthoff

Skip sets overall strategic direction and is responsible for execution. He has hands-on involvement with sales, account management, marketing and finance.

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Alexander Balva, InboundWriter CTO Alexander Balva

Alex is responsible for the product — from design
to production operation.

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Dr. Rafael Parra Hernandez, Chief Scientist Rafael Parra Hernandez, PhD
Chief Scientist and VP Research

Rafael conceives and develops the natural language processing algorithms and engineering concepts that power InboundWriter.

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Contact Us

We’re here to help in any way we can. You can reach us as follows: