Remove the guesswork
from content creation

8 out of 10 pieces of new content published online do not reach an audience.
Most people don’t understand why.

By understanding how your content will perform before you put pen to paper, you can produce more content that will truly outperform.

InboundWriter has pioneered
predictive analytics for content.
We can forecast content performance
before it is written based on:

  • The target website
  • The ‘topic’ or main theme

We dramatically impact the performance and efficiency of new content production, typically driving 2 to 4 times more traffic than the status quo.

We take a highly disciplined approach to understanding content performance.

Employing a data-driven, statistical approach we isolate the factors that matter and can explain why certain content works and others do not.

We not only remove the guesswork from content creation, we make it simple.

Topic Forecasting

Topic Forecasting

You tell us what you want to write about — we tell you the expected performance

Topic Suggestions

Topic Suggestions

We recommend related topics with the highest likelihood of success

Author Guidelines

Authoring Guidelines

We provide simple and precise insights writers can use to craft content for maximum impact

We work with Enterprises, Publishers and Digital Agencies and are proud to be working with world‑class customers:

skilledup Got to be mobile. Mobile News & Reviews The UnLocker TENTime Warner Cable

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